ePolice™ for Law Enforcement Operational Management

ePolice™ for Law Enforcement Operational Management

Customizable integrated platform designed to help establish efficient and effective law enforcement operational management

ePolice™ for Law Enforcement Operational Management

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ePolice™ – Law Enforcement Case Management, Criminal Investigation, Booking Database

The M2SYS ePolice™ application is an integrated platform to address the needs of all law enforcement operational units including case management, investigations, booking systems, demographic databases, next generation automated biometric identification system (ABIS), forensic analysis (Latent, DNA), mobile platform, integration & data exchange capabilities with global agencies (Interpol, FBI, Scotland Yard), intelligence reports, and analytics as well as comprehensive ad hoc reporting.

Law enforcement agency technology requirements vary significantly based on geographic and strategic locations, culture, demographics, and crime history. M2SYS offers the ability to customize the ePolice™ platform to meet the unique needs of law enforcement agencies.

ePolice System Diagram

ePolice System Diagram


ePolice™ Features:

  • Experience and ongoing engagement with global law enforcement agencies
  • Universal and unique ePolice™ platform capabilities
  • Fastest ABIS search speeds in the industry
  • Multi modal biometric and hybrid biometric capability
  • Comprehensive and intuitive latent processing and matching system
  • Sophisticated artificial intelligence and analytics system with probabilistic matching
  • Integrated platform all modules in one platform
  • Broad market knowledge to understand individual agency requirements and ability to customize the solution accordingly
  • Proven success records around the globe
  • Continuous research and development, strongly committed to the industry
  • Altruistic commitment to society and the community

How M2SYS Solutions addresses the workflow of police ( Standard practices ):

M2SYS ePolice System Diagram

How ePolice System Works?

Criminal Booking System

  • Customizable electronic booking systems
  • System delivered in local language ( Any preferred language)
  • Integrated biometric devices ( fingerprint , palm vein, facial, finger vein, iris)
  • Integrated with the central ABIS system
  • Mobile platform with integrated biometrics devices for mobile enrollments and verifications
  • Integrated with the ePolice™ platform
    • Eliminate manual paper based criminal record/booking systems
    • Strengthen the booking process
    • Increase operational efficiencies
    • Help agents understand criminals nature, past record, etc.
    • Helps convert legacy system ( paper based fingerprint card) to electronic format and export to the central ABIS systems
  • Mobile booking platform
    • Help agents to enroll and verify any suspects in the system while patrolling (on the go)
    • Ability to run in any android based mobile phone
    • Minimal connectivity required (GPRS, 2G or 3G)

Case Management Module

  • Customizable module of ePolice(Platform)
  • Windows, web and mobile versions available
    • Citizens do not require to come to police station to file a complaint.
    • Enables PC, or tablet, or phone compliant filing
    • Built in administrative capabilities to automatically assign case to agents
    • Intuitive dashboard and reporting system provides ongoing case monitoring to higher officials
    • System allows end users to capture all investigations data including – any crime scene materials images, documents, pictures, etc.
    • Mobile version of case management module allow agents to update systems with investigation data from the field
    • Agent will have options to use ePolice™ intelligence and analytics platform to expedite and facilitate the investigation

ABIS Module

  • State of the art multimodal automated biometric system
  • Anti-spoofing and forgery proven biometric matching systems
  • Built in deduplication and high speed matching system ( 1:1 and 1: N matching)
  • Ability to match 100 million templates per second in one to many searches
  • Available biometric modalities: fingerprint, iris, facial, finger vein, palm vein, iris
  • Booking system, case management, and intelligence module integration with ePolice™ platform
    • Minimizes errors by helping agents to identify the individual by their unique biometric features
    • Helps to better manage criminals and inmates
    • Reduces booking and release errors
    • Helps agents to identify repeat offenders and subsequent history

Forensic Modules

  • Integrated part of the e-Police System
  • State of the art latent analysis and processing ability
  • Integrated with ABIS module
  • Latent matching ( latent to latent, latent to ten print, latent to single print)
  • DNA analysis
    • Facilitates the investigation of sophisticated crimes
    • Helps agents understand criminal patterns
    • Helps identify clues in mysterious cases and incidents

Artificial intelligence and Analytics module

  • Integrated part of ePolice platform
  • Provides quantitative analysis on agency universal operations
  • Provides artificial intelligence through probabilistic analytics
    • Helps agency prevent the crime before it happens
    • Provides more insights and data to manage and control crimes

ePolice central Data Management Module

  • Built in administrative control and monitoring system to manage ePolice™ platform
  • Provides comprehensive reporting on agency’s operations, crime reports, criminal reports, case status, and results of investigation process
  • Built in state of the art probabilistic matching system including text, images, tattoo matching
    • Helps head quarters to manage and monitor overall operations
    • Facilitates higher official to make judicious decisions in real time
    • Ensures optimal resource usage
    • Helps management to act proactively when combatting crime and terrorism
    • Provides universal reporting in a single click
    • Ensures accountability and transparency of agents duties and responsibilities
    • Ensures agency operation global standard compliance
    • Ensures a better policing system for the community

Latent Capabilities

  • Automatic latent to 10-print match
  • Latent-Latent match
  • Automatically grouping unknown latent to single finger
  • Extremely user friendly patent-pending latent-to-original image fitting process
  • Adding, deleting, rotating minutia points for ease of image cleaning process
  • Case management
  • Fourier transformation based image cleanup tool to extract very obscure latent image
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