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Workforce Management Biometrics For Emergency Medical Services

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This guest post was submitted by ZOLL, the leading provider of solutions that help fire and EMS organizations of all sizes optimize their people, processes, and technology, leading to clinical excellence and business success.

This post was written by Tara Delone, Marketing Manager at ZOLL.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS), as in many industries, is starting to realize the benefits of using a biometric device for employees to sign into various applications.  ZOLL has partnered with M2SYS to integrate biometric identification technology with our time and attendance software solution that helps organizations optimize their crew scheduling needs and reduces cost at the same time boosting crew satisfaction, reducing overtime cost, improving schedule compliance, and increasing payroll accuracy.  With the addition of  biometric technology EMS organizations can also increase security, reduce or illuminate fraud or buddy punching, eliminate problems with lost ID cards or hard to remember passwords and boost efficiency when punching in/out of the application.

Increasingly, biometric technology is becoming more prevalent in EMS environments due to the distinct advantages that it offers and the efficiencies it creates.  Bill Savidge from Hart to Heart Ambulance, Inc. in Forest Hills, MD states,“ While no system is “fail safe”, Hart to Heart is greatly impressed by the functionality of  biometric technology for tracking time and attendance.  Biometric hardware is extremely durable and fairly priced. The biggest advantage is the simple seconds it takes to punch in/out daily vs. an employee actually using a physical time card or some type of hand typed punch system… we know, seconds add to minutes and to hours, especially in our business.  Biometrics tied in with ZOLL’s Crew Scheduler, have been a welcome addition and a vital cog in how Hart to Heart pays employees and keeps track of time to the second.”

For more information or a demo of EMS time and attendance software please visit Zoll’s Web site.

Could your EMS environment benefit from biometric technology for time and attendance?  What types of cost savings could you realize from using biometrics?


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