How Kronos Biometric Time Clock Reduces Non-Productive Work Hours?

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At the workplace, all of the time is not spent on productive work but in some other purposes. The time used in different objects rather than the dedicated responsibility during working hours is addressed as non-productive work hours. Though the law directs to consider this as work, end of the year enterprises need to count a huge amount as payroll expense for this. We are not about to extract non-productive work hours from the payroll but to reduce non-productive hours those are being used intentionally and seems to be time theft. Because many of the workforce used to remain engaged in non-productive works deliberately and that is time theft, a significant loss for the enterprises.

What Does Kronos Biometric Time Clock Do?

Kronos biometric time clock identifies the employees using their biometric data and clocks their check-ins and outs. RightPunch is the kind of biometric soft clock for the Kronos workforce management system that helps to eliminate time theft and buddy punching. Moreover, it reduces compliance risks and payroll errors that save a significant amount each year. Alike several advancements reducing non-productive work hours is an inherent benefit that can directly cause improved productivity.

How to Reduce Non-Productive Work Hours Using RightPunch?

RightPunch is an affordable biometric soft clock for Kronos workforce management suites. Are you using any biometric time clock with the Kronos WFM suite or yet to deploy one? In both cases, creating multiple touchpoints is very simple, using RightPunch. It can easily reduce the non-productive working hours by:

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Monitoring the Employee Movement

Within a central clocking system, only entry and exit can be logged that doesn’t identify whether the employees are in their workstation or not. Multiple touchpoints help to track employee movements inside the office premises, and it’s simple to know their availability or adherence to the productive work.

Raising Accountability

Human beings are intended to shoulder-off their responsibility. When it is about the workforce, it is troublesome to identify who is engaged in non-productive works intentionally that pretends to work. Kronos users integrate RightPunch soft clock to identify accurate time punch, which creates awareness among the workforce. As all of them remain concerned about the biometric time clock, it raises accountability.

Eliminating Time Theft

Time theft is one of the common and most threatening issues for any enterprise. In traditional or paper-based timesheets, it is almost impossible to segregate the non-productive work hours and time theft. The impact makes a significant amount of financial loss which is paid for the work which is not done by the employees. Multiple biometric touchpoints eliminate time theft as it clocks all movements of the employees.

Preventing Buddy Punching

The ID card, RFID, or password-based login system has a loophole that can not prevent buddy punching. All of these are transferable, and employees help their colleagues to punch on behalf of others. RightPunch biometric time clock for Kronos uses biometric data of the employees, which is non-transferable, and non-sharable. Therefore, multiple biometric touchpoints help to prevent buddy punching in any circumstances.

These are not the least how does Kronos biometric time clock reduces non-productive work hours but there are a lot of advancements alike. Request for a demo by submitting your contact details below to learn how RightPunch helps enterprises to save millions of dollars each year.

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2 thoughts on “How Kronos Biometric Time Clock Reduces Non-Productive Work Hours?

  • December 19, 2022 at 6:32 am

    Strongly agreed – I’ve heard about some rumors at my workplace that a few colleagues are punching in on behalf of others. It’s quite serious and if they’re caught red-handed, then things will get really bad for them. Using such a biometric employee time capture solution will definitely help alleviate these issues at our workplace!

  • January 10, 2023 at 6:04 am

    This is an informative and well-written blog post that provides valuable insights on how to reduce non-productive work hours in the workplace. Using a biometric time clock like RightPunch, which is integrated with the UKG solutions (then Kronos workforce management system), can help address several common issues that can lead to wasted time and financial loss for enterprises.


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We empower users to customize UKG solutions

When features are needed to enhance UKG solutions, CloudApper is here to help. It’s a non-technical toolkit for customizing UKG – easily build anything you want, share it with the community, and help everyone thrive.

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