Why Ignoring Employee Productivity Tracking Software Will Cost Your Business

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Employee productivity tracking software is one of the best ways to establish accountability and keep track of employees’ work hours. Also preferred as remote employee monitoring software, this tool helps to maintain the productivity of the workforce. In this article, we’ll help you determine the worth of this software. Highlighting the benefits will help to eliminate any of your concerns and ignorance about this software.


1.  Employee productivity tracking software keeps management fair

Managing a workforce isn’t easy; it comes with a fair share of challenges. You need to know when the employees are working on tasks. Some employees could be shopping online instead of doing office work. It is hard to verify how much time an employee has spent on the actual task. These challenges become more apparent when you have to deal with a remote workforce. 

From the employees’ perspective, explaining the time and resources taken for an individual project becomes hard. Employee productivity tracking software works as a reliable tool to record data. Employees have to clock into work, show screenshots of what they are working on, and the total work hours. This reduces the hassle of proving job involvement and self-defense, which you will completely miss by ignoring the tool.

2. It helps in tracking productivity rates

Understanding employees’ productivity isn’t possible without monitoring them. What’s unfortunate is that many companies don’t utilize an employee monitoring system to track productivity. Without proper tracking software, you have to play a guessing game throughout the day. 

The insight information this software offers is helpful to identify productivity weaknesses and take initiative to improve. This also provides stats on employees like productive, idle, and wasted hours and they can self-calibrate any wasteful behavior.



Employee Monitoring Software

Key Feature

- Time Tracking

- Face ID Verification

- PC & Web Activity Monitoring

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3. It creates positive standards for the workforce

When it comes to a remote workforce, it is difficult to justify prohibiting certain websites. If you aren’t providing a separate computer, this matter shouldn’t even be discussed. For instance, you can’t stop employees from using social sites as they may want to access them in their free time. At the same time, you need to ensure they aren’t accessing unproductive sites outside of free time.  

Investing in productivity tracking software guarantees that the employees will only use work-related apps and websites when clocked in. Upon finding your employees using social media during office time, you can remind them of company work policies. Monitoring employees’ web usage is way easier to identify and establish the standards of work behavior.

4. It highlights trustworthy employees and identifies others’ struggles

Most employees earn the trust of their employers through quality work and high productivity rates. Question is, how can you measure the quality of work and productivity rates? As an employer, you can verify this information with employee productivity tracking software. It highlights which employees deliver results, reach deadlines, and are able to reach goals. 

You can reward them to keep them encouraged. The data on productive employees will help you to train other workers and new hires to ensure productivity replication. Ignoring the app will close your path to rewarding good employees and increasing productivity rates of underperformers.

5. It protects the company against conflicts

Any sort of conflict isn’t good or expected for the business. When working with remote teams, you may find it difficult to justify their work hours. This is a bigger problem when you have to pay someone on an hourly basis. If you use employee productivity tracking software, you can track their time and see the websites they have been on while working. This is helpful to verify the time spent on a particular project. Try ignoring this app, and you may end up paying for the time your employee spent on social media feeds.



Employee Monitoring Software

Key Feature

- Live Screen Monitoring

- Face ID Verification

- PC & Web Activity Monitoring

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6. It keeps the company protected from malware attacks

With employee productivity tracking software, you can secure your employees and your business by withdrawing access to dangerous, unproductive websites. From the employees’ perspective, they wouldn’t dare to open suspicious links when they know their work is being monitored. This way, you can prevent any data security breaches. Preventing unusual traffic helps to keep track of data and eliminate the chance of it going to the wrong hands.

In 2020, employee monitoring isn’t a choice anymore—it’s a necessity. Your business needs some sort of employee monitoring system to keep things run smoothly. Try CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software. With this tool, your employees won’t be worried, and you can check in-detail time records of the workers. 

See how it helps to boost productivity and manage your business with the 14-day free trial. For further inquiries, click the Contact Us button.

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