Why Companies Should Go for Data-Driven Facility Management

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A recent study has revealed that businesses create around 2.5 trillion bytes of information every day. This indicates that the present competitive business environment is only a matter of time before companies go for data-driven facility management.

Every time you move an aspect of your business that is pumping out massive amounts of data, it becomes challenging to comprehend and translate the data into useful insights. Therefore, it is crucial to look into the installation of a system that provides an integrated, accurate, and user-friendly approach to managing information.

Every aspect of your company is being guided by data, and facilities management is no exception. Facilities management based on data helps find areas that are under-utilized, or where resources are being used up. This helps you enhance accountability, implement cost-saving strategies, and improve productivity in the workplace.

In order to get deep into the details, we should first know more about the management of facilities.

What exactly is Facilities Management?

Facilities management is about improving the employee/user experience inside the facility. This is accomplished through efficient use of space, better coordination of resources, and the efficient provision of support services when needed. Consider, for instance, the current situation of the pandemic where businesses have started to encourage an asymmetrical work culture. In this case, a group of employees might show up to work for only a few days while another is scheduled on different days. The incorporation of data-driven facility management will aid in the allotment process and the efficient use of space.

What exactly is Facilities Management as Part of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS)?

Integrated Workplace Management is the broad term employed to describe the system that is implemented to help manage workplaces. Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) helps organizations be aware of and comprehend the use of their assets and workplaces in a secure cloud-based environment.

Although manual entries and spreadsheets are still used, the use of dedicated software can help to provide a user-friendly and accurate method of handling data. The benefits of a comprehensive workplace system are to provide better accountability and information-driven data that results in savings initiatives.

Consider CloudApper Facilities. Implementation of this service by the top integrated system for workplace management in the USA will help you accomplish these things:

* Effectively Optimize Your Facility Space

Optimizing workspaces can result in greater employee engagement and productivity. In the face of the epidemic, you need to find the ideal equilibrium between employees working remotely and those who work in the office. Optimizing space will help you keep track of this precisely. Additionally, this solution is equipped with a variety of reservation tools to help create flexible workspaces and make sure that your employees are equipped with everything they require for their visit to the office.

* Better Handling of Lease Accounting

Lease accounting is based on complex specifics. This is particularly important when you operate facilities distributed all over the world. This method helps you adhere to lease accounting guidelines and ensure accuracy of financial records, remain in line with lease terms and effectively manage payments.

* Simplify Control of Capital Projects and Planning

Planning and preparing for capital projects are lengthy processes and may be difficult. CloudApper Facilities helps track processes as well as identify risks and prioritize projects. CloudApper Facilities also facilitates the streamlined exchange of information between vendors, communication materials, and proposals for various projects. It guarantees a consistent implementation of large-scale projects with timely, budget-friendly delivery. This approach is designed to minimize delays and eliminate revisions.

* Enhance the Workplace Experience

CloudApper Facilities doesn’t only focus on creating spaces that conform to safety standards but also ensures that employees are comfortable and have a friendly environment.

* Manage Maintenance and Operations at Your Ease

If you were the manager of a chain of facilities around the world, one of the most challenging aspects would be managing operations and maintenance.

In reality, CloudApper Facilities can be extremely beneficial for you. It assists you in tracking maintenance schedules, extending the lifespan of assets, and reducing capital expenses. It helps you keep track of the inventory, carry out regular maintenance on specific needs, and optimize cleaning schedules to create an orderly and safe working environment.

Let’s look at why businesses should be thinking about the possibility of using data-driven facility management.

* Get Intuitive Data Insights

The ability to interpret data is essential for businesses to grow and succeed. With modern facility management software like CloudApper Facilities, you have access to reliable data analysis and insights that will assist you in optimizing your everyday activities. From designing your floor to the distribution of resources and assets, you’ll be able to eliminate the guesswork and make educated decisions.

* Generate Comprehensive Reports

Facilities management aided through data analytics, as well as reports, helps you understand the operation of your facility. CloudApper Facilities comes with advanced tools to help you create specific reports to monitor daily activities, assets owned by the company, and stock. The information you collect will help to efficiently allocate assets and manage expenses.

* Ensure Safety, Compliance, and Accountability

Integrated Facilities Management is a complete solution that allows you to manage your assets and space effectively. CloudApper Facilities takes complete charge of ensuring safety and compliance with regulations set by the government regarding workplace management.

Additionally, it allows users to easily track the management of your facility and remain accountable.

* Facilitate Cloud-based Collaboration

Modern facilities management software such as CloudApper Facilities is cloud-based. This means that your employees will be able to access vital data-driven information about facilities from any location in the world.

Additionally, your employees can collaborate, access or share, edit, or exchange crucial information on a single platform, regardless of time zones or geographical locations.

*It is Easy to Integrate with Existing Legacy Systems

One of the most significant problems you will face after the implementation of the so-called facility management system is integrating it with legacy systems. This could include transferring information to the facility management system. Most of the time, the old system and the facility management system function as distinct kiosks.

But CloudApper Facilities helps overcome this problem. It is a part of your existing systems, thereby transferring all your data in order to facilitate enhanced analysis of facilities management data and business decisions, without hindering the operations or delaying revenue.

Wrap Up

The management of multiple facilities can take a lot of time and is often very inaccurate. When you invest in a top-of-the-line facility management system that integrates facilities such as CloudApper Facilities, it helps you keep all important data related to assets easily. Additionally, having an overall overview of your assets can help in increasing accountability, reducing operating costs, and enhancing your tracking capabilities, which in turn contributes to better business results.

If you’re interested in more details about the data-driven facility management ways, CloudApper Facilities is best-suited for your business, please feel free to give it a try!

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