Why CloudDesk is The Best Software for Employee Monitoring

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Can you guess what makes a strong team? Yes, it is good management. If you can manage your team perfectly you can be successful in business easily. But how do you manage your remote employees, where you have no control over the work environment? In an office setting, you can see them by CCTV camera, you can reach out to them whenever it is required. You can motivate the unproductive employees to boost their productivity. But in the remote settings, doing all these become too difficult for you. 

Thanks to technology like employee monitoring software, you can manage remote employees with ease. But if you want to get the most output from your investment, then you must invest in CloudDesk. It is the best software for employee monitoring. This software has all the features that will make your remote management easy and efficient. Here’s why CloudDesk is the best employee monitoring software.  


CloudDesk Eliminates Employee Fraud 

Each of your employees’ shares and accesses handles important information about your company. If that sensitive information is leaked, it can hamper your whole business. CloudDesk prevents employee fraud and makes sure only your employees are working for you. It verifies employees using the Face ID verification system and then allows your employees to proceed. 

Not only that, but it also verifies employees periodically with a random pop-up. Even after every break, they need to verify themselves to start their work. So, you will never be a victim of employee fraud if you use CloudDesk. Isn’t that great?  

CloudDesk Boosts Productivity 

In remote settings, employees often get distracted by their surroundings. Sometimes these distractions kill valuable time and hamper their productivity. Sometimes, employees lose their focus and can’t get back to work easily; that hampers their overall efficiency. CloudDesk, the cutting-edge employee monitoring software, comes with a productive time tracker. It tracks employees’ total productive hours throughout the day.


Using this productive time clock, your employees can easily keep track of their total productive hours. They can push themselves to walk extra miles when they see they haven’t worked productively enough throughout the day. It also helps them to stay focused on their work no matter what comes out, and they can easily get back to their work with more focus.

CloudDesk Increases Employee Accountability 

CloudDesk increases the accountability of your employees. It provides a random screenshot of the employees’ laptops and confirms employees’ engagement towards work throughout the day. This is done by a periodic pop-up and all these features will help you to understand your employee’s actual contributions. At the same time, it makes your employees feel accountable for their work since they are being monitored. 



Employee Monitoring Software

Key Feature

- Time Tracking

- Face ID Verification

- PC & Web Activity Monitoring

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CloudDesk Balances Between Work Life and Personal Life 

Not everything should be monitored. Remote employees have personal lives too. If you monitor their personal computers, it will be a big problem for their privacy. However, they are also not allowed to mix-up their personal time with work time. They are not supposed to do personal work during their valuable office hours. CloudDesk understands this and makes a proper balance between these two. It comes with a pause button for breaks. When employees click the pause button, the software stops monitoring their computers. 

That means the software is not allowed to monitor anything in their personal time. On the other hand, when employees get back to their work, it starts monitoring their work. This gives a clear message to the employees about not mixing their personal and professional lives. It also helps them to stay away from internet distractions during work time. A constructive setup like this is what makes it the best software for employee monitoring.

CloudDesk Eases Remote Employee Management

When you have to manage a big number of employees, it becomes quite difficult to see each of their individual tasks. But to manage them well, you need to see all of their performances. CloudDesk makes it easy for you. It provides a robust insight to see the whole picture of the company performance from a single dashboard. You can easily figure out who is being productive and who is not. If required, you can check their individual performance too. The whole thing helps you in managing remote employees by helping you to evaluate their performance and take action accordingly. 

CloudDesk keeps your employees focused, enforces accountability, and gives you peace of mind. So, if you want to deploy the best software for employee monitoring, hit the Contact Us button. Use our 14-day Free Trial to get a clear view of this tool.

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