What is employee monitoring software?

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Employee monitoring software is a software which can track all actions of the employee computers. Whether you are using it for monitoring activities of a whole company or an institute, it will help you to accumulate the evidence against any inappropriate actions, and you can easily catch them in the act. 

Importance of employee monitoring software

With technological progress, many advanced methods emerged allowing for the incorporation of sophisticated employee monitoring tools into daily work. Many websites and apps can be the source of diversion to the most productive employees but when used in moderation, it can also act as a source of stress release or relaxation. Hence, the company should come out with an internet and app usage policy or install employee computer monitoring software to correct any loss in productivity.


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Employee monitoring software makes it very easy for you to control and check on your stuff’s internet usage and would largely help the company make a decision on your employee’s performance. 

Features of employee monitoring software

There are many remote employee monitoring tools in the market, but your investment may be in vain if you invest without reviewing its features. To help you in this matter, here are some of the must-have features  to consider before purchasing this software:

  • Productivity Measurement
  • Screenshots Capture
  • Web and App usage tracking
  • Time Tracking
  • Reports Generation
  • Cloud Data Storage

Benefits of employee monitoring software

Employee productivity monitoring software helps employers to track the productivity of remote workers and comes with many advantages as discussed below:

  • Learned insight reduces the number of errors
  • Synchronize work even beyond time zones
  • High-grade selection, enhanced delegation
  • Diminished administrative burden
  • Fastened Assets, Sensitive Information
  • Eradicate Wastage  
  • Established accountability and concrete audit trail

Employee Privacy & Safety

It’s not important nor efficient to follow an employee’s every move, as that would hamper their performance and waste your time. Instead, ensure employee monitoring software to establish employee accountability. To ensure data safety use a Virtual Private Network, that way risk of any kind of breach will reduce significantly. It is also important to build a sense of mutual trust, letting your employees know that their every work-related efforts are getting logged and accounted for with the help of this application without breaking any privacy barriers.


CloudDesk is one of the leading employee monitoring software and also specializes in productivity optimization. The CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software provides real-time visibility into distributed workforce activities to increase productivity, improve compliance, and optimize performance.

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