Visitor Management System for Hospitality Industry

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The hospitality industry is a tourism-based service industry that includes accommodation, food and drinks, traveling, transportation, theme parks, historical places, and all relevant events. According to The United Nations World Tourism Organization, each year 1.2 Billion people are traveling internationally for tourism purpose and they enjoy the facilities of the hospitality industry. Managing this huge number of people is not a matter of joke. As a consequence, the industry owners are in burning need of a digital and full proof solution that will help them to manage their clients and promote business and avoid any risk factors.

A visitor management system can be the solution for the hospitality management industry that can manage the usage of their facilities by the visitors. The system records all the information of visitors and provides relevant documentation like visitor badge, any special permits on request, etc. In today’s article, we will reveal the impact of a visitor management system in hotels:

Visitor Management System for Hotel

Every day hotel authority needs to welcome, accommodate and serve a number of guests and their visitors. Without proper identification and log keeping, it can be really difficult to keep track of everything and everyone. They need to register both guest and visitors using their demographic data, identification and travel documents according to the local law and safety measures too. But in the traditional pen and paper-based system of visitor registration, there is much time-consuming and it is not possible to verify the identity of the visitor with a pre-scheduled appointment with certainty. In many cases, it has been seen that the visitor used fake information and was involved in criminal activities.

Using visitor management system, hotel authorities can record the guest and visitors information for future reference, keep track of appointments, send a notification to guest and identify the unwanted visitors by verifying with their previous records. It is also possible to integrate a biometric identification system with any web-based visitor management system to ensure a higher level of accuracy. Let’s see the features of a superb visitor management system for the hospitality industry named Visitor Track today from below:

Important Features of a Visitor Management System

Hotel Guest & Visitor Registration:

  • Capture and store guest and visitor’s demographic data
  • Scan & store identification documents (NID/ Driving License/ Passport)
  • Validate the expiry date of the documents
  • Verify visitor’s mobile number
  • Capture and store photo of the visitor
  • Capture and store biometric data
  • Scan business card and signature of the visitor
Visitor management identifies the visitors meeting the guest in the hotel

Identify Frequent Visitors & Guests:

  • Guest identification with any unique identification number
  • Guest identification from verified mobile number
  • Guest identification from biometric data
  • Fastest processing time retrieving previous data
  • Provision for updating any information

Online Registration:

  • Facilitates online registration before arrival
  • Faster check-in process using a digital badge
  • Biometric enrollment during check-in

Managing External Visitors:

  • Guests are allowed to set any meeting
  • Sending a digital badge to the visitors of the guest
  • Automated check-in/ out process for visitors of the guest

Visitor Blacklisting:

  • Individual visitor or all visitors of an organization could be blacklisted
  • Blacklisted visitors could be identified from any of their previous data
  • Blacklisted visitors cannot generate any check-in process using the system
  • Any request from blacklisted visitor raises alert

Technical Features of a Visitor Management System for Hotels


Now cloud-based visitor management system is on the horizon, and offering SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based pricing model that allows any scaled enterprise to implement the system. It eliminates the hassles of deployment and specialized IT infrastructure.

Biometric Technology

The built-in biometric identification system assures accurate identification and ensures utmost security. The 1:1 and 1: N matching engine supports fingerprint, finger vein, iris, and facial recognition that puts a choice to fit the best for your hotel.

Mobile & Web App

Upload, verify, and access visitor information and operations data, images, documents, biometric data, etc. through a web or mobile app (Android and iOS). Scan digital badges from a mobile phone to verify visitor credentials.

Analytics & Reporting

Get valuable insights on visitor activities with an advanced analytics dashboard that supports prompt and informed decision-making using metrics, location activity, issues, and many other data elements to ensure high levels of security and operational efficiency.

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