Top 5 Challenges of Managing Remote Team

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Top-5-Challenges-of-Managing-a-Remote-TeamRemote work culture comes with many benefits, and many industries are shifting to remote work culture. However, managing a remote team comes with challenges that can affect business operations and overall productivity. These are the top 5 challenges of managing remote teams and how you can solve them:


Lack of Productivity

Remote environments can be full of distractions that affect the overall productivity of an employee. In an office environment, you can measure your employee’s level of productivity, and you may find that some remote employees may lose when working remotely. Employee productivity is one of the major challenges of managing remote teams and it needs to be monitored.

Lack of Trust – One of the Major Challenges of Managing Remote Team 

Trust has become a big issue in the remote work environment. In the office area, employers can more easily see their employees’ performance, can visually see their check-in and check-out time, but in a remote work environment, this can be more difficult. If employers rely on trust there is a big chance of misuse from some employees. Because not everyone values trust, not everyone is reliable.



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Lack of Accurate Performance Evaluation

How do you evaluate performance when you are managing remote workers? It can be difficult and a challenge for everyone. Performance evaluation is important because without it you cannot appraise your employees. In the end, all employees want to receive appreciation for their dedication and contribution, but without proper evaluation and monitoring, it is not possible to evaluate an employee’s performance accurately. 

Lack of Accountability

In the remote environment, employees have 100% freedom for doing their work, using their work time and contributing to the company. If there is no monitoring and a proper evaluation system, it can be challenging to hold employees accountable. This can affect the overall performance of the business and it is one of many challenges of managing remote teams.

Lack of Monitoring

Productivity and performance are linked to how you monitor your remote employees. In the remote work environment, it can be difficult to accurately monitor performance, which may lead to poor business outcome if performance cannot be managed and monitored. This is one of the biggest challenges a remote team manager faces.

How you can Solve this Problem

CloudDesk is a remote employee monitoring software that can solve all of the above-mentioned problems. This is a robust remote team monitoring app, made to eliminate the challenges of managing remote teams faced by companies. Using this software you can:


  1. Track remote employees’ productive hours.
  2. Receive face-id attendance that confirms an employee’s attendance throughout the workday.
  3. Collect periodical screenshots of an employee’s computer screen, so you can confirm what they are working on at any given time.
  4. Get confirmation of an employee’s engagement throughout the workday.
  5. Get robust insights that capture key attendance and application activity data so that you get a better understanding of the business. 

Installing CloudDesk is how you can solve the challenges that you are facing in managing your remote team. Using CloudDesk can easily create a trusted remote working environment where employers have more confidence in employee participation while working remotely. The software provides a free trial for 14 days. So try it now.  

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Challenges of Managing Remote Team

  • August 3, 2021 at 7:19 am

    Yeah, lack of productivity can be an issue sometimes. In my case, it’s quite often caused by being confused. I’m often asked to do things that are new to me, and then sometimes I’m not sure how to start, I’m a bit intimidated with the scale of the project, etc. In that case, what I try to do is divide a big project into smaller tasks, list them down and just tick them off one by one. That way, I can see how much I’ve done and how much there is still to be finished. Everything becomes a lot more clear and easy to deal with.

  • September 20, 2022 at 8:36 am

    Nice tips, thank you!

    • October 22, 2022 at 11:03 pm

      I think likewise! Great tips.


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