How to transition to remote work during COVID-19 Outbreak

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In the time of COVID-19 pandemic, working from home for many people has become essential. This transition has presented some issues to some people as not all of us are used to this new form of working style. There are so many things to consider to ensure a smooth operation of your business. Here are the tips for a smooth transition to remote work:


Formulate Remote Work Guideline 

Decide whether your team can work flexi-time or if they should follow the regular office schedule. Decide how employees will communicate, how their performance will be evaluated and so on. As your employees are not used to remote working, a guideline can assist. Look at some of the online information on developing working from home policies before any transition to remote work. 

Ensure Proper Setup for The Transition to Remote Work 

Before sending your employees to work from home, make sure your employees have the equipment and space to set up a workspace at their home. Check if each employee has a laptop they are willing to work from or issue work purchased laptops to each employee, if they have a proper internet connection, if they have an ergonomic desk chair, desk or table etc. Remember, without a proper setup your employees will not be able to work smoothly from their home. 



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Develop a Communication Policy 

Communication is one of the biggest challenges companies face. There are many ways in which communications can be unintentionally misleading or misunderstood. Understand the workflow of the company and develop a communication policy based on that and bring all the employees together using one communication platform. Make a policy for providing feedback and how it should be delivered and tracked. Make your team leaders and supervisors available for your employees to reach within a reasonable time frame. This is how to develop a good communication policy that will help to achieve a smooth transition to remote work for your business. 

Use Remote Employee Monitoring Software 

How do you know if your employees are working? Using remote employee monitoring software, you can keep track of employees’ work productivity and monitors their performance. You can also evaluate their contribution and help employees to improve their work productivity with this tool. Using this software, employees working remotely can track their productive hours and this can prompt and employee to work more productively. The software keeps employees focused,  creates a trusted environment  and ensures a smooth transition to working remotely.

Remote employee monitoring software keeps your employees on track and focused, so for a smooth transition, this software is essential. The software offers a free trial for 14 days so that you can try before investing. If you want to try this amazing software for a smooth transition to remote work environment, hit the Contact Us button. Let us know your queries. 

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