Employee Monitoring Software: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Employee monitoring refers to keeping eye on the employees through the latest technological devices. In most cases like this, an employee monitoring software is used to track the employee’s laptop or computer use and other activities. Some companies use employee monitoring software to improve the productivity of their employees, uncover insights on how to improve their business processes, and ensure compliance with policies. But monitoring may also lead to higher stress levels in employees and might create feelings of mistrust and dissatisfaction.

Before deciding whether to use this type of software, it is best to understand the advantages and disadvantages of employee monitoring.


Employee Monitoring Software

Key Feature

- Time Tracking

- Face ID Verification

- PC & Web Activity Monitoring

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Advantages of employee monitoring software include:

Boost employee productivity

This is a pretty obvious fact that employee performance improves whenever they are being monitored in the workplace, and their ultimate production also increases. Most businesses and organizations that have employee monitoring policies in place do so because they want their workers to contribute to overall efficiency.

Evaluate employee performance

Every company has a monitoring system for workplace efficiency when it comes to offering its employees rewards and incentives, although there may be a few pitfalls to this system. The business owners and executives should be willing to judge the workers in the best manner possible based on their records.

Manage office properly

Employee monitoring is the most reliable way to ensure proper performance and administration. Ideally, everything will stay on the right track and employees will be working during work hours. The administration staff will be supervising and the bosses can ultimately take a sigh of relief. In brief, the supervision of employees goes a long way towards ensuring a healthy work atmosphere.

Keep vigilant eyes on whereabouts of the staff

Most notably, having an eye on the team that works in the office allows better control of employees. Data may be stolen or any of a number of other disturbances may occur within the office, so it is better than workers are supervised and kept a close eye on. Various employee monitoring tools like CloudDesk can be deployed to manage your office better.

Some disadvantages of employee monitoring software are:

Employee under stress

Every organization has a system of employee performance monitoring when it comes to giving rewards and incentives to their staff, but this can come with a few drawbacks as well. On the basis of the records, the company’s owners and managers would be able to evaluate the employees in the best possible manner – this can be a source of constant stress for many employees.

Reduces Trust Level

Though we, as humans, work better under supervision, it is also a fact that monitoring the employees can be stressful, and it can affect their productivity as well. The staff feels insecure when they know that they are being monitored and each of their activities is being carefully controlled. This is one of the biggest negative impacts of employee monitoring.

Can reduce motivation and commitment

People don’t like being monitored. If an employer watches every action taken by an employee, then there isn’t much motivation to do anything but look for a new job in their spare time – which in some cases will happen if an employee feels uncomfortable while being monitored.


Employee Monitoring Software

Key Feature

- Live Screen Monitoring

- Face ID Verification

- PC & Web Activity Monitoring

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Unfavorable rumors may crop up

When it comes to them and their business, no employer likes negative coverage. To put it simply, you are definitely not going to receive any pats on the back for implementing workplace supervision. In fact, the exact opposite can happen, where your bosses and staff, and your industry as well, now perceive you and your company in a negative light, especially if an unfavorable rumor spreads to the general public.

Employee tracking can be a very useful tool to establish employee accountability and motivate them to be more productive, but if you select the wrong employee monitoring software and don’t implement it in the right way, it may also make employees suspicious and uncomfortable at work. By weighing these pros and cons we have discussed above, companies can determine if employee monitoring software is right for their business.

If you need help deciding whether your organization needs employee monitoring software or how to implement it in the right way, feel free to check out CloudDesk.


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  • December 9, 2023 at 7:01 am

    Being a small company founder I have a team of 100-120 employees and for their work, I have been using this software so that I can monitor how productive they are, and trust me it WORKS I can easily monitor each and every employee hassle-free. 


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