Choosing the Best Monitoring Software for Remote Teams

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Managing productivity of employees has become difficult as online work has grown with a large number of remote workers. The rise of remote workforce has further increased the need for companies to monitor how employees are spending their time while they are assigned for work. The best way to solve this problem is to implement a monitoring software that will let you to monitor your remote workers work activities and keep track of their working hours.

Monitoring software is the perfect solution to tackle this problem, allowing you to monitor your remote workers and keep track of their working hours. Regardless of your business’s size or type, employee monitoring software is applicable to all businesses. Most especially for companies that handle hybrid teams.

To secure your business you have to be one step forward and find the best solution to ensure the development of your business. You may easily track how effective your employee’s services are towards your business with employee monitoring software.

Although if you can simply make the right choice, this is one of the best ways to optimize your business workflow. The choosing of the wrong software can do more harm than good. Choosing the correct one that serves your business, with so many monitoring solutions in the market and monitoring goals is a tricky task. Extreme monitoring and stealthy features software may damage the morality and trust of employees.
You may think that picking the proper software is an impossible process, but this article provides some guidance to acquire the best employee monitoring software for your business. With the appropriate software, you can aid productivity and performance.

How to choose employee monitoring software

When selecting software to monitor your employees, examine the features to understand the value in your business. All monitoring software features are not the same and thus it is important to try the demo or testing of the software to evaluate the software effectiveness and comprehensiveness in your business. These are the most important qualities to look for:

Time tracking: The best advantageous feature of using this software is time tracking. It helps business owners see how much time employees spend on their day-to-day work. You can quickly detect gaps in time usage and identify employees who are slacking down.

When overtime takes place, you can quickly find out who has worked extra and how productive they are. The time tracker is not about making extra hours, the main focus is productivity. This type of monitoring software is therefore extremely useful to any company in order to mark its growth.

Website & app monitoring: Monitors the websites and app usage and time spent on specified sites. If your company has a policy that bans the use of social media during work hours, it is easy to find out who breaches the rule. You can encourage your workers to break and utilize social media to avoid micro-management so that their productivity is not hampered. As employee monitoring software monitors all employee behavior, you’ll know immediately who is doing what.

Screenshots: The screenshot feature captures everything at regular intervals, most of the software features can be customized. Managers can customize settings to take a screenshot at certain intervals, depending on the employee monitoring software. These random screenshots serve a vital role in determining employees’ productivity and also offer supporting evidence for review or inquiry.

Reporting options: The employee monitoring software allows you to produce customized reports based on your preferences that provide a simple visual. Get easy and simple to understood detailed insights in the form of visual graphic reports and charts. The report is prepared daily, weekly, and monthly to help you understand each employee’s productivity level.



Employee Monitoring Software

Key Feature

- Time Tracking

- Face ID Verification

- PC & Web Activity Monitoring

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Choose employee monitoring software that will grow with your business. Business plans can vary as your company grows from time to time. Make sure it offers scalability when selecting any employee monitoring software. Take the following features into consideration:

● Transparency: Monitoring your employees may create some issues, thus it is best to keep it simple but useful for your business. Your software should not hamper your employees’ privacy and should restrict its monitoring only to monitor productivity and work activities. Make monitoring transparent and also provide your employees with enough information about the monitoring policy. It creates mutual understanding amongst others.

Flexibility: Your software flexibility and versatility play an important role for users to make long-run use of it. As your business grows, good employee monitoring software should be able to integrate all servers and applications.

Ease of use and customization: The software should be installed and customized smoothly and easily. It should also be used successfully by employees without technical knowledge. Make sure that the features of the dashboard are also easily understood for you or your manager to know how to monitor effectively.

Pricing: one of the most important variables, when a company attempts to install new software, is pricing. The employees monitoring software provides different pricing plans depending on the features. You would surely like software that will not only enhance productivity but also save money and time. Most companies give free trial to determine whether it matches your business.

Start Monitoring Your Remote Employees Today

Thanks to CloudDesk software, monitoring remote employees has never been easy. This very robust software monitors the digital activity of remote employees, keeps records, measures productivity, and helps you develop your business. The quicker you install CloudDesk, the sooner you aid your business with a productive team to reach new levels of success. Learn how CloudDesk software works today by launching a free plan.

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