9 Powerful Tips to Help You Secure Employee Retention Better

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Employers are diving through rough water while looking for a steady workforce. About 3 million Americans quit their jobs every month in search of something better. Turnover at this level is extremely expensive for businesses. Sometimes, replacing an employee can cost double the salary. The cost varies across different industries and for many employers, it is even higher. Employee retention is a battle and winning it is a challenge. If you want to keep employees working for you, consider trying the nine powerful tips below.

Use Remote Employee Monitoring Software

While you plan for longer employee retention, CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software shows employee engagement. It provides on-time employees’ productive and idle time. That is helpful to understand whether the employees are engaging in work or not. Besides, the software allows employees to work flexible hours and submit files whenever they want. This type of benefit can attract a lot of potential workers and help to keep current employees. It helps to build trust from both sides without any extra efforts, so more businesses need to try this app.

Offer Competitive Salary and Benefits

Salary is the top reason for quitting jobs for 45% of employees, as found by a recent Glassdoor survey. Career advancement opportunities, better benefits, and location are the next causes that influence this decision. Financial stability, health care, and insurance concerns work as motives to stay in a job. At the end of the day, money matters. Your offer in this area must be comparable to your competitor’s to ensure employee retention. For many employees, financial benefits are the top priority, while for others, it’s imminent.



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Hire the Right Person at The Beginning

Many employers hire new employees with the assumption that more employees will be quitting in the next few years. It’s terrifying and disheartening to know that employers put turnovers into account before even hiring new people. You can’t be surprised if someone quits because they are a bad fit or get annoyed by others. It is best for both sides if the employees are well informed during the hiring process. This can help to avoid negativity in the new hire’s mind in the new job. Be honest with the new hire about the expectations; do not hide or sugar-coat the aspects of the job. Always remember that transparency is the key to finding the perfect fit.

Utilize an Employee Engagement App

When employees work from home, they stay alone all day long and can get frustrated. Staying home all the time can also damage their health. This may create negative thoughts in an employee’s mind about the job and may lead to quitting work. You can solve these issues at ease with the CircleCare employee engagement app. CircleCare encourages employees and helps them achieve health goals. You can motivate the team and keep them engaged to work with it. Being healthy and in touch with coworkers helps employees to be positive about work and stay for a long time. Try this app for the betterment of your employees and the business.


Reduce Pain to Secure Employee Retention

Employees are not robots, and they can’t work like them. If an employee loses the balance between work and life, pain and panic will rise. The job becomes the bad guy when an employee spends most of their life working. Find the pain points to solve this problem—do an employee survey and provide feedback. Pay proper attention to the industry trends to find the pain points of your employees’ frustrations. 

Take initiatives to extrude the pain and be on alert about the silent workers. It’s important as many employees quietly go through exhausting work routines and get frustrated about the work pressure. Find out if any organizational changes are causing pain for the employees unintentionally. It will be meaningless if your problem-solving effort brings in new pain for the employees. 

Keep the Leaders, Not the Bosses

The dynamic perspective of people about leading roles is quite fascinating. Everyone wants to be a boss, but very few can become a leader. What they don’t realize is that people like to work under leaders’ rules and avoid bosses at all costs. To detect who’ going to work as a true leader in your organization, check these facts:

  • True leaders share the company vision with employees, bosses don’t. Keeping employees in the dark about coming results is what “bosses” are good at.
  • Leaders know how to handle a challenge. Bosses just throw the offloading stress on their employees.
  • Leaders desire the best quality of work. They offer good service and experience for both the employees and customers. Bosses, on the other hand, reach the minimum and call it a day.
  • People are the most important element to the leaders, employees are like an asset to them. Bosses focus on numbers and don’t worry about hurting people to reach them.

Be Cautious About Your Managers

If you ask your employees about the most hated factor in their jobs, most of them will say the manager. So keep an eye out for them. Bad managers are known for creating a negative mess in the workforce. As an employer, you have to provide “soft skill” training in addition to technical knowledge to your managers. This will allow you to help them by encouraging and motivating people. Make sure they have and utilize conflict management, stress management, and crisis management skills.

Let the Employees Engage

A Gallup poll found that 56% of somewhat disengaged and 73% of actively disengaged employees are on the search for a different job. As an employer, you need to give attention to this matter, and blaming employees shouldn’t be your first response. Lack of motivation has a direct relation to the employees’ distraction in work—find out what motivates them. Here are some tips:

  • Arrange cross-training programs to input broad range skills, don’t keep employees limited to job-specific knowledge.
  • Create a visible leadership ladder so employees will know how to move up.
  • Ensure job advancements, promotions, and professional development to keep them motivated and secure employee retention.
  • Allow employees to work for concrete success.



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- Time Tracking

- Face ID Verification

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Create A Brand That the Employees Will Be Proud Of

Activism runs the current generation of people—they want to be a part of a solution to solve the problem. Get on board with their positive mentality and get your business involved in support of:

  • Charities and non-profit organizations
  • Locally based communities
  • Environmental and educational issues
  • Family-friendly work environments
  • Create an eco-friendly policy for the office and factories

Evaluation of salary and benefits is important to maintain industry standards, but those aren’t the only way to retain employees. Your employees are humans, not machines. They care about the workforce, work style, and other surroundings. You need to keep these in mind while competing for the right employees. To help yourself in retaining the correct people, use CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software. Try its 14-day free trial and build knowledge on how to handle people without changing their minds. Contact Us for help, we will work aside you on your plan.

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  • June 11, 2021 at 3:56 am

    Thank you! Using a digital tool that both management and employees find helpful and easy to work with is precious. It’s also important that the tool is introduced and interpreted properly in the company and is considered to help not to harm and spy.


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