5 Reasons Why Remote Work is the Future

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5-Reasons-Why-Remote-Work-is-the-FutureWhat do you think of the work patterns? Don’t you think they are changing? Yes, they are. Tech giants like Facebook and Google have already decided to continue WFH throughout 2020. Some companies are still thinking about staying in the work-from-home pattern. Personally, I don’t think it is a fad, I think it is a new normal for the world. Undoubtedly, remote will be the future of work. Read this article to know why WFH will be the future of work. 

1. It is Safe  

The COVID-19 pandemic is so uncertain. We don’t know exactly when we could get rid of this virus. So, remote is the safest work pattern we can follow now. The less we go out of our house the less we could be affected by COVID-19. So, working from home is safe for the employees as well as for the employers. Moreover, if you can work from your home, you can avoid traffic, sound pollution, and road accidents. According to the research, lockdown due to COVID-19 has dramatically reduced traffic accidents. So, the more people stay at home the more people stay safe. This is why remote work will be the future of work.


2. It Offers Flexibility

Remote work offers flexibility for both employees and employers. You don’t need to arrive at the office at a specific time, you can work whenever you feel productive. You can balance your life and stay connected with work. Flexible work also cuts down on leave as employees can manage their stuff within their time and still can perform their job when they are free. So, it is beneficial for both parties and both will prefer WFH. 

3. It Boosts Employee Productivity 

We are not productive all the time. Some people feel productive during the night, and some people feel productive during the daytime. So, when your employees have to maintain a strict schedule for work, it does not work out for everyone. For this reason, some employees couldn’t perform better even if they have good potential.

Remote work doesn’t work like this. Remote jobs offer flexible timing, so employees can choose their best productive hours of the day and work. Global Workplace Analytics found in research that American Express employees who worked from home were 43% more productive than their office co-workers.



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4. It Saves Money 

When you go remote, you are saving a huge amount that is spent on your office maintenance. Since you need not manage any office space, you are saving that amount of money. When you don’t have any physical office, you don’t need to worry about office supplies, office maintenance costs, or office electric bills. One study shows that offices can save around $1100 per employee if they allow their employees to work from home. Don’t you think this is a huge amount of money to save? 

5. It Increases Employees Satisfaction 

According to research, 80% of employees experience less job stress while working remotely. Another survey conducted on 1001 remote workers found that 57% of remote employees are more likely to be satisfied with their remote work. Another study found that remote jobs come as a benefit for employees as a way to improve their work-life balance.

People stay satisfied in their remote job as they can avoid traffic and workplace distractions and can be involved with family care responsibilities. This reduces a significant amount of job turnover. According to the research, companies that offer remote jobs have a 25% lower job turnover than the companies that don’t. 

How to Manage Remote Employees

As more companies recognized the financial benefits of a remote workforce, they have found the only thing that holds them back is the lack of tools to manage it. Fortunately, CloudDesk employee monitoring software is the perfect tool to manage remote employees. It offers flexibility that breaks all the conventional walls. CloudDesk provides a comprehensive monitoring system where you can see the whole company’s performance from a single dashboard. 

You can see who is being productive throughout the day and who is not. You can see your employees’ true contribution to your company. This amazing software provides face ID verification that reduces employee fraud and checks employee engagement throughout during working hours to confirm their presence. In short, CloudDesk eases remote employee management.  

CloudDesk keeps your employees focused, enforces accountability, and gives you peace of mind. So, deploy CloudDesk now to enjoy the benefits of remote work. Hit the Contact Us button and let us know your query. 

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