4 Reasons Employee Engagement is Crucial for Your Business

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Employees don’t just work for a business – they are the business. Keeping them happy and engaged is essential for your success. Why? Because engaged employees are personally committed to that same success. They are more likely to work productively and remain loyal to an organization. Find out why employee engagement is crucial for developing a happy and healthy organization:


When employees are invested in their jobs and the companies they work in, they’re more likely to be proactive and go the extra mile in their performance. In fact, according to a Gallup poll, companies with highly engaged employees outperform their peers by 147 percent in earnings-per-share.


If employees don’t feel connected to their jobs, plain and simple, they’re more likely to quit. Employee turnover is time-consuming and expensive, costing U.S. companies billions of dollars per year. A well-engaged employee won’t be scanning LinkedIn for new opportunities – and will think twice about taking an unexpected job offer.


What are the chances employees who feel unheard and undervalued are out singing the company’s praises after hours? Slim to none. Happy, involved workers will talk positively about their employer because they have the positive feelings to back it up.


Brainstorming sessions with engaged employees are far more effective and creative because employees are confident that their ideas will be heard and taken seriously. Because engaged employees are invested in the company’s success, they’re willing and eager to contribute their creative efforts.

Other benefits of employee engagement

  • Engaged employees are more conscious about their surroundings and less likely to be a part of any safety incidents.
  • Engaged employees are happier and healthier; as a result, they are less likely to be diagnosed as depressed compared to disengaged employees
  • Since they enjoy better mental and physical health, they are more likely to be more productive and better performers.
  • Engaged employees are also good at enjoying a happier personal life.

CircleCare –  A platform for employee engagement

There are many ways to drive employee engagement. One of the easiest ways to drive employee engagement is to implement the CircleCare app. CircleCare makes it fun and engaging to foster a collaborative & healthy workplace. It also helps your employees develop healthy lifestyle habits like being more active, taking medications on time, staying knowledgeable about diet, nutrition, and disease management trends, plus a whole lot more.

Actively engaging employees means giving them a reason to feel connected to their job and the company. Employees can be engaged by regularly giving them performance feedback, setting clear goals for them, including corporate wellness programs in your culture, and recognizing employees’ successes. If employee engagement isn’t a focus at your organization, it should be.

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