4 Most Common Myth about Employee Monitoring Software

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There are endless debates about employee monitoring and many questions on its implementation. This software is often considered to be a tool to micromanage or as a spy tool but the reality is different. 


The most common misconceptions about employee monitoring software and an explanation as to why they are wrong: 

Myth 1: Employee Monitoring indicates a Lack of Trust 

Employee monitoring helps organizations to understand the workflow, understand an employee’s activity, so that they can give data-based feedback on their performance. Moreover, employee monitoring tools are a great way to understand a team’s performance, habits and needs. If you know how your employees work, you can help them when they need help. 

Employee monitoring also helps employees to stay focused and connected with their task. Employees can track their breaks, and their productive hours using such tools, and this helps to keep employees productive throughout the day. 

Myth 2: Employee Monitoring Software demotivates Employees 

Employee monitoring software motivates employees and there is data[H1] , evidence and reports that show this software help employees to improve their performance, dedication towards organizations, work ethics and motivation. Using such software, employers can understand employees better and can provide coaching or other assistance. Employee monitoring software brings everyone together and employees can take ownership of their tasks and improve their performance. This helps both the employees and the company, and at the same time building a positive, productive and motivated workforce. 



Employee Monitoring Software

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- Time Tracking

- Face ID Verification

- PC & Web Activity Monitoring

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Myth 3: Employee Monitoring Software invades Privacy

This is a common misconception as employees often think employee monitoring software will be intrusive and will hamper their privacy. The reality is that in the office space or in the remote working environment an employee is not allowed to conduct private business during office hours as it hampers productivity and an employee’s work. From the legal perspective, laws are on the side of the employer. While it is true that no one can be 100% productive throughout the working day,  remote employees monitoring software provides a pause button, and during this time the software does not monitor an employee’s computer. This means that an employee can check their personal email or social media posts during this break.. Remote monitoring software doesn’t invade an employee’s privacy, rather it helps employees to stay focused and productive.

Myth 4: Employee Monitoring Software only helps Employers  

If you trust this one, you’re short-changing the team! Employees can reap all kinds of advantages when a monitoring application is in place. First and foremost, employees are able to enjoy a flexible work environment. Time is logged regardless of the hour or location, so each employee can be recognized for work being completed and corroborated. 



Monitoring software programs log all activities and some have the feature to  take random screenshots and videos. These reviews provide proof of adverse conduct from coworkers that could possibly cause other employees to quit. Cyberbullying, harassment and information theft are some of the unacceptable behaviors that monitoring software programs can find for administration to deal with appropriately.

It is time to embrace this software and experience the surge in your team performance. So, hit the contact us button now and get started on your free trial. 


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