Windows 10 Embraces Biometric Technology to Replace Passwords

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Microsoft plans to replace passwords with biometric authentication in their upcoming windows 10 operating system.

The following guest post was submitted by John Constantinides, an experienced entrepreneur, SEO expert and social media strategist.

Windows 10 will come with a long list of new features to pamper its users. Among those features is support for biometric technology to replace passwords. It seems like every major operating system is trying to move away from conventional passwords and more into biometrics; Microsoft is no exception with the pending release of Windows 10.

For Windows 10, Microsoft uses the already established Fast Identity Online (FIDO) 2.0 specification. This means Windows 10-powered devices will be able to support biometric authentication, either via fingerprint recognition or eye scans. The biometric scanning, paired with 2-step authentication, could mean superbly improved security measures are now available to everyday customers.

In its official announcement, Microsoft stated that FIDO support has been the norm in industry and business suites, including the Office 365 Exchange Online and Salesforce. The implementation of FIDO specifications in Windows 10 simply brings the enhanced security to consumer services, including Windows 10 sign-ins,, and OneDrive.

The FIDO Alliance is supported by many major corporations. It is regarded as the standard to pay attention to when it comes to integration of biometric security measures. MasterCard, PayPal and Visa have been using FIDO in their latest systems and developments. Microsoft joined the FIDO Alliance in 2013 and has been very keen to implement biometrics into its new operating system.

So how can FIDO change our lives?

The use of biometric security means we no longer have to memorize multiple passwords just to keep our accounts safe. This is a huge shift towards the future. A quick fingerprint or eye scan can unlock your email account, your bank account and various other services you have in your Windows 10 computer.

Add a two-step authentication, and you have a set of security measures that will provide maximum protection nonetheless. Gaining access to your accounts will be very difficult — much more difficult than trying to guess your password.

The use of biometric security also means potential breaches due to brute force attacks can be substantially reduced. It is nearly impossible to brute-force an account that uses biometric login.

The FIDO specification in particular is very important for two main reasons. First of all, the standard is used by a wide range of services, hardware and software manufacturers. This means any FIDO compatible scanner can be used with all of the compatible services. The fingerprint scanner we have until recently worked only with one particular device or service.

FIDO also makes sure that your biometric data never leaves the device. This provides the best possible scenario for securing your personal information and other details. There is no need to worry about information theft or unauthorized parties accessing your biometric data by tampering with the login process.

Biometrics Are the Future

There is no doubt that biometric security is the future. The fact that Microsoft is now openly supporting the standard could only mean more companies will start integrating this new standard to their security routines. As more services use FIDO, supporting hardware and integrated scanners will be more and more common.

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