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How is biometric technology beneficial for security?

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This guest post is submitted by Bella Jonas.

Imagine you’re watching a movie where a secret agent is trespassing inside the headquarters of a reputed organization in a restricted area. His goal is to procure a valuable object that’s kept inside a highly protected safe within a room that has limited access. He uses stealth to get inside the building and just as he tried to sneak into the room where the safe was kept, he was caught. The end. What? Didn’t quite like the ending? Well, blame it on the biometric technology. 

Biometric technology brought in a revolution in terms of security and accurate identification. A growing number of corporate organizations have implemented this technology to their entry and exit systems already. Whether you’re into the retail business, or you’re an academic services provider offering free Harvard citation generator, biometric can be useful for your business. 

A TechSci Research report highlighted that the global biometrics market is estimated to grow to over $24.8 billion by 2021. As the industry continues to flourish and prosper, these systems will become much more reliable and cost-efficient. 

Listed below are some of the perks of installing a biometric security system for your business.

  • Accurate identification and accountability

Biometric technology offers more accurate identification, thereby reducing the risk of unwanted security threats. With this advanced kind of security system, access is granted not by smart cards or passwords but by biological characteristics like fingerprints or facial recognition or iris scans which are difficult to replicate or forge.

The accuracy in information aids in security as well as accountability. Carrying out the logging activity through a biometric security system allows the commercial entities to connect personnel with particular actions or events in case of a security breach.  

  • Increased efficiency

A highly efficient security system is a necessity for every organization nowadays. Biometric verification technology not only helps maintain security, but it’s comparatively easier and more effective to manage major functions like attendance tracking for payroll. It’s also convenient for employees as they don’t need to carry cards everywhere.

Biometric identification system works fast, typically recognizing an employee or visitor in a matter of seconds. This allows you to manage workplace productivity while also keeping your business secure.


  • It’s almost impossible to replicate biometrics

Just as it’s quite difficult to steal biometric data, it’s also impossible to replicate it. Iris scans, for instance, depend on tiny patterns and details in an individual’s iris pigmentation that is almost impossible to notice with the naked eye.

Iris scanners take a rather detailed picture of your iris, identifying about 240 different features. There’s almost no way that an individual could replicate your specific iris scan. The same is applicable for facial recognition, or even vein recognition, which identifies the pattern of veins in an individual’s hand or finger.


  • Convenience matters as well

Biometric security systems are absolutely convenient for both the ones using it and those managing it. For employees within an organization, it’s incredibly simple to use biometric identification instead of remembering passwords or keeping an identification card or badge with them at all times.

It’s also a lot more convenient for those managing these systems, as they don’t have to bother about resetting passwords or replacing badges or ID cards. Biometric security systems are also quite versatile, with a range of biometric scanners available to be used for various applications.

They can be utilized in a range of security checkpoints such as entrances and exits, doorways to high-security areas, and more.

  • Less chances of two people having the same identification

Biometric security technology also ensures that no two users have the same ID, which comes across as a great advantage, particularly when it involves accessing top secret and highly sensitive information.

There have been reports of mistaken identity or accessibility to classified info to the individuals with the same password or name when one person has a limited security clearance than the other. This, of course, can result in major security breaches.


  • Biometrics systems are simple to install and require limited funding

Despite the advanced technology that biometrics systems employ, these kinds of security systems are actually rather simple to install and comparatively inexpensive as well.

As the biometric system has turned out to be more commercially popular, the ease of using these systems has definitely levelled up, while the expenditures have been minimal. Once the systems are integrated, operators require minimal training to get them going – these systems do nearly all the hard work on their own.


  • These systems are incredibly profitable

The return on investment (ROI) on biometric security technology is very high. For starters, it’s much more efficient in warding off fraudulent activities than most security systems protecting your business from potentially catastrophic breaches.

It also saves a considerable amount of your resources, as it lowers the management time and assists in keeping the policies consistent. Once the biometric verification system is integrated, organisations don’t need to invest in additional capital. This significantly lowers the upfront and ongoing investment costs.

Parting thoughts, 

Biometric technology is rapidly turning out to be a crucial piece of the security infrastructure and multifactor authentication since it offers quick and easy verification, audit logs, and analysis. These systems have been embraced by businesses world over. In fact, as technology continues to flourish and become more complex, we can expect even more advanced systems in the years to come.

Author bio: Bella Jonas is a professional tech blogger who is currently working at one of the leading IT firms in New York, USA. She has also been a part of for the past couple of years, delivering write my assignment help to students who seek assistance. She loves to adventure new places and make new friends during vacations.

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