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How Biometric Technology is Set to Revolutionize recruitment Process

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Technology has started to revolutionize the recruitment process making it easier for organizations and talent acquisition teams. Gone are the days when recruiters and employers needed to undergo a painstakingly long process to complete the entire cycle with recruitment.

Now with more advanced technologies, such as biometric technology, screening, recruitment and onboarding of candidates have become more convenient.

What is Biometric Technology in Recruitment Process?

Broadly speaking, biometrics can be divided into two categories- behavioral and physiological. Biometric technology uses specially made devices with sensors to detect inputs. Facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, iris detection, DNA matching, and voice identification are some common examples of biometric authentication process.

The use of a biometric attendance system for employees is already popular in various organizations. The application of biometrics in recruitment is gradually gaining traction in recent years.

According to the IBM Security: Future of Identity Study data, 67% of respondents are currently comfortable in using biometric authentication, while 87% are likely to use biometric technology in the future.

So, what makes biometric popular in the recruitment process and how does it help recruiters? Let’s find out.

How Biometric Technology Will Help With Recruitment

  1. Expedites Hiring Process

Medium and large-scale organizations invest time, money, resources and energy in the hiring process. Traditional methods of hiring make it more difficult for talent acquisition teams to manually complete the screening process. Companies with higher turnover and those who need to quickly fill-in empty positions, thus, lose hundreds of productive hours to screen and hire employees.

Biometric technology is aimed at reducing all overtime taken to complete the recruitment process. Using advanced technology, biometrics makes the screening process simpler for both employers and employees.

  1. Enables Remote On-boarding

Geographical constraints often cause problems for employers to complete on-boarding process and perform other necessary tasks such as employee verification. Companies and human resource managers know the difficulties in verifying candidate details who are located in a different city. Needless to say, it is one of the major reasons why many employers say no to hiring employees who are remotely located. But with the rise of the remote workforce and more companies willing to leverage the gig economy, screening and verification of newly hired people can be simplified with biometric technology.

  1. Creates a More Secured Workplace

Biometric technology would empower employers and talent acquisition teams to create a safe workplace. With the help of biometric profile verifications, recruiters and employers can reduce and prevent fraudulent activities.

Another aspect of this technology is that it can completely revert the password system with biometrics. For example, to unlock a system, employees can take the help of iris detection, facial recognition or fingerprint scanning system. According to IBM, biometrics are more secure than passwords.

  1. Would Help to Predict Better Hires with Biometric CVs

In a recent article published by the BBC, it has been suggested that biometric CVs will soon replace traditional CVs. Employers and recruiters are now joining hands with researchers to understand how biometrics can help identify potential employees who would perform better. The intriguing article suggests that biometric CV would incorporate physical metrics to help employers identify the right candidates.

Final word: From this discussion, we can see how biometric technology can help with the recruitment process. While some forward-thinking organizations have already started to leverage the technology, others are in the process. Does your organization use biometric authentication already?

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