How to understand that this is burnout and not just fatigue and depression?

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It’s crucial to draw the line between simple fatigue and burnout in the first place. Fatigue is easily treated by rest, but burnout is not: a person cannot rest in any way. No matter how long they are on a holiday, they still feel the impossibility and unwillingness to continue their work activity. But the boundary between burnout and depression is even more essential not for the person oneself but medical specialists. The doctor must determine the condition, and, accordingly, select the treatment. The symptoms of depression and burnout differ from each other in minor nuances, which are difficult to distinguish without a specialized education.

For an ordinary person, not a doctor, it’s crucial to understand whether they can still take out their condition themselves or whether they already need to seek specialized help. The criterion to be guided by is the physiological symptoms when burnout begins to affect the body. Sleep problems, impaired appetite, loss of physical ability to work, difficulty concentrating, fatigue — all these are signs that it’s absolutely impossible to cope with this on your own, and you need to contact a specialist. 

Is it true that remote work and work in general in a pandemic leads to burnout?

It’s an individual process and depends not so much on the form of work as on how a person’s life is arranged in general. Roughly speaking, if you have a small flat, children, and a lot of work, it’s evident that this is not a very favorable environment. Most likely, the person will burn out faster. And for another person it’s more comfortable to work at home, there’s no need to waste time on the road, you can independently manage your personal and work time and plan your workloads more flexibly. Personal space is also essential.

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How to prevent burnout

Prevention is always better than cure. This is especially true in the case of burnout. When you have at least some resources, you can take care of yourself, do something. And when you’ve already burned out, you don’t even have the strength to help yourself properly and give yourself the necessary care. Therefore, one of the best prevention tools is to monitor your condition and, in case of systematic deterioration, start taking action. Unfortunately, no universal methods can be proposed, because there are as many anti-burnout methods as there are traps for getting there.

The best thing to do is to analyze what exactly is undermining personal resources and engagement and take an honest look at your situation. This can be difficult to do on your own. Sometimes a person may not admit to oneself that they are simply not created for the profession that they have chosen. Imagine what a pain it is for a person to realize at 35 that they shouldn’t be an accountant, but an illustrator of children’s books. It’s also sometimes difficult to understand what you burnout from if your whole life is a squirrel running in a wheel. A person is simply accustomed to this state and doesn’t know how it can be otherwise. Therefore, it’s better to turn to psychologists for diagnostics.

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