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Four Common Mistakes in Facility Management

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One of the primary objectives of a facility manager is to ensure that there are no mistakes in facility management and the commercial operations are as smooth and efficient as they can be. Certain companies invest in the latest equipment and improvements to ensure the safety and quality of their operations. For instance, industrial plants depend on epoxy floor coatings to shield their structures from chemical spills, changes in humidity, and high impacts.

The facility manager has an essential role in the enforcement of guidelines and procedures within commercial establishments. While they are skilled in the field of maintenance for facilities, they are also unable to grasp some crucial elements in the process. We’ll discuss the most common mistakes made in the management of facilities and ways to avoid these mistakes.

Poor emergency plan

The importance of emergency planning is something facility managers tend to overlook. They believe that their well-planned systems, along with safety procedures and high-quality equipment, are sufficient to minimize the chance of catastrophes that could happen in their business. This could be budget-related. The truth is that accidents occur even when we least expect it. They occur in unexpected ways that could result in property damage, as well as loss of productivity, and can even threaten the health and safety of your employees.

The focus of facility management is often on the current systems and problems. It’s also crucial to know what current developments within your company can impact future operations. If you’re not fully informed on the procedures that pertain to your facility and tools, then you’re putting your business at risk. Employees’ lives could be at risk.

The emergency planning process involves many elements, like training, preparation, and planning. It is important to determine if the roles assigned to your team can be applied to a particular operation as well as the command chain as well as the kind of equipment that is used. Also, safety equipment, including emergency generators or fireproof material and personal protective gear (PPE), is important.

A single mistake could cause your business to be at risk. If something goes wrong be sure to prepare your emergency procedures, emergency responses, and other items.

Insufficient preventive maintenance

Maintenance is the most important aspect to keep a facility in top condition. When you follow the reactive approach to maintenance throughout your business, you only perform the required maintenance and repair when the equipment is damaged.

Prevention is recommended in order to decrease the risk of accidents and issues that may happen in your facility. It will not only reduce interruptions, but will also increase the lifespan of your assets, decrease the cost of maintenance, improve efficiency, and decrease the number of reactive repairs.

However, implementing a preventive maintenance program isn’t enough. Facility managers require a precise system to monitor information, the type of maintenance that is performed, and the components that are to be replaced.

To aid in this process, managers can utilize facility management software to design timeframes for when maintenance should be completed. You can manage maintenance records so that employees can access required information whenever they need it. The platform can make maintenance preventative through the automatic scheduling of repeat work orders and storing warranties for assets and delivering alerts whenever maintenance is scheduled.

The failure to invest in the correct technology

There is a myriad of reasons why facility managers aren’t as dependent on technology in comparison to other areas. Many are scared of investing in the wrong thing that will result in unneeded costs to the business. Others think that their employees aren’t ready for the upcoming changes.

Sometimes, it’s hard for companies to let go of their traditional ways due to the fear of being in the dark. Anything that’s unusual or new triggers some people to be skeptical. It’s not just the financial issue or the additional expenses to purchase new technology. Although there will be uncertainties in the air, adopting technology provides possibilities.

Making investments in technology shouldn’t bring worry, but instead enthusiasm. It’s important to be enthusiastic about the progress and productivity which awaits your entire business when the right tools for digitalization are installed. When you upgrade to modern tools, you’re making the work of everyone simpler and easier by automating the daily tasks.

Poor workspace organization

Unorganized spaces significantly impact the company’s investment. It can lead to unrealized profits and business opportunities that are not discovered. They act as deterrents. Maximizing the use of space to be more efficient can help the business.

Inefficient workspace management causes a decrease in business growth due to relying on inaccurate data and gut emotions. In reality, facility managers must study the layout map of their workspace as well as the actual placement of the equipment and assets to maximize the working environment.

The above discussion reveals that facility managers have a variety of duties to fill, but do not have enough resources to complete their tasks. There are always mistakes to be made, but it’s your responsibility to avoid them from potentially causing damage to your company. Therefore, don’t forget the mistakes mentioned earlier and make sure you address them properly in order to ensure an overall successful run of your business.

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