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Biometric Technology is New Frontier for Enterprise Security

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Gone are the days where biometric technology was only seen for use in the military and law enforcement agencies. Since the last few decades, we have seen a proliferation of biometrics into other additional areas such as enterprise sector, transportation and much more. The huge wave of digitization has swept the businesses for adopting new forms of security on-premise physical security that is starting to get transformed with new and highly effective biometric access control technologies.

As eager as it sounds, biometrics in the enterprise still has some shock of the new as when it comes to actual deployments the mainstream biometric techies define it as hi-tech to the science fiction point. In this article, we will be looking at some of the positive approaches of biometrics that are entering the enterprise era with more innovative solutions.

The trend of Bring Your Own Device Culture

The-trend-of-Bring-Your-Own-Device-CultureThere is a massive number of solutions that can take place with the help of modern digitization at your workplace. We have seen the culture of BYOD where the employees are allowed to bring their own devices and access files from smartphones. This can be taken to further advanced level by introducing biometric authentication for giving permission to access into the company network. Such high-tech mechanism allows enhancing your security architecture of the organization.

There are many applications or system software that is working on this concept. Take a look at the Ipsidy mobile app which encourages users to take an amazing selfie and then match the facial features for authentication. This allows creating a biometric templated that can be further matched as you go forward and access the permissions. This type of approach is used in the financial services sector to onboard the customers and replace the traditional methods of keeping an employee ID badge. We also have another example of IriSafe where the authentication is made possible with an individual’s iris. Such techniques ensure a strong mechanism by eliminating risks at its bay.

Can Privacy and Security go Hand-in-Hand?

Can-Privacy-and-Security-go-Hand-in-HandThe battle for privacy is going more skirmish were only a few people are making noise towards the issue. And rest others are mumbling quiet dissatisfaction with how much Mark Zuckerberg can breach your privacy by knowing all of your personal lives. We need to maintain some level of privacy as that is what keeps us safe by interconnecting the world.

In current times, people are giving away each and very data to the public servers by sharing their lives on social platforms for connecting with more people and making new friends. Everyone should understand the privacy level which is given away with this service as most of us need to calculate that in exchange for the worth. At such point, the security can be leveled up by making some advancements to your systems by introducing them to the biometric technology.

Another biometric approach to gain quick traction is behavioral biometrics. The term revolves around the analysis of patterns identified in user behavior. The patterns are defined on simple everyday gestures be it typing speed, operating the mouse, or even holding a mobile phone. This new kind of biometrics has still not reached a new level of reliability as the core mean of user identification but still, a large number of organizations have started to see its massive benefits for secure authentication.

Is Biometric technology Versatile and Scalable?

The multimodal support is required for the enterprise as it is key for the need for biometrics. Every organization has different needs and requires variant infrastructure and hence it possesses a different range of security scales. There are various companies that help you lead in this direction. Brands like IDEMIA and BioConnect helps to provide security solutions to your enterprise. The brand portfolio includes face and fingerprint recognition along with palm biometrics to offer strong security. By providing different biometrics these brands help to get you accommodated over the ongoing BYOD culture. The brands also work on upgrades for controlling its access system and allow all the third-party biometric solutions to get incorporated by adding more flexibility.

The Future Ahead

Today, our lives are changing dramatically different from what we were in the past due to the digitization. There is still more to come ahead. The developed technologies are helping us to shape our world immeasurably. These biometric solutions help to innovate and ingenuine the growing industry at a quick pace. And if the current systems intend to help in better ways than there are chances of biometrics to enter in every sector of the business. Keep Learning!

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