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Biometric Security Measures For Carports, Garages And Sheds

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The following guest post was submitted by Steeline Garages.

Security has become a large concern among consumers, because of recent developments in computer hacking. As fast as computer technology is developed to make entries to cars, homes, garages and sheds more secure, hackers are figuring out ways of cracking their code. Steeline Garages has crafted this article to outline the latest in garage technology which takes advantage of biometric features.

Biometrics has emerged as the latest answer to this need. For many years, governments have used biometric identification for the highest levels of their organizations, so this technology is not new. What is new is that it is now available to the average person. With increasing frequency, it is being incorporated into the electronics we use every day.

Biometrics For Door Locks

Our homes, garages and sheds contain valued items that need to be secured. Even deadbolts can be broken into by a determined thief, so people have turned to electronic keypad systems for better security. One of the biggest problems with keypad systems is that all users have to remember the code for entry. If the code is accidentally given away or found out, access is gained. Hackers have also recently proven that they can enter computerized systems to gain codes illegally.

New door locks are being built with the option of fingerprint identification. Individual fingerprint templates are stored in the memory of the computerized lock, so that when someone wants to enter the building they can simply swipe their finger over the lock. No codes have to be memorized, and the fingerprint identification is more secure than a key or a code.

Biometrics For Garage Door Openers

Popular manufacturers of garage door openers, such as Chamberlain, are producing new models of openers with biometric entry. A wireless receiver is connected to an existing opener, and a scanner pad is mounted outside of the garage. Up to 10 fingerprint identifications can be stored in the scanner. When the correct fingerprint is read, the door opens automatically.

Biometrics For Cars Stored In Carports

A car being stored in a carport is a particularly difficult security situation, because carports do not have walls. Automobiles with sirens or horns that sound when they are broken into have been used commonly, but the sirens are often ignored. Keyless entry operated by radio frequency has also been used on automobiles. However, scanning devices have been developed by car thieves that can read the radio frequency codes, defeating the security measures.

Remote controls can be mounted in carports that allow access to automobiles only by biometric identification. The owner of the automobile can add to or change the number of fingerprints stored. Fingerprint identification in keyless entry systems is encrypted, making it more secure than any other type of keyless entry to date.

Biometrics is also being tried for starting automobiles. Only the correct fingerprint starts the car. The wrong fingerprint automatically disables it.

Higher and higher levels of technology are being developed to match and defeat the problems that come with breaches in security, and more of these are available to the ordinary consumer.

Do you use biometric security devices to protect your garage? Weigh in and let us know how it is working to protect your personal property in the comments section below.

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