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3 Ways Churches Can Use Biometrics to Increase Security

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biometrics helps increase the security of church management software
By the Book’s mission is to bring the best possible church software solutions to those they serve.

The following guest post was submitted by Kim Conley with By The Book Inc., a church software company based in Byron, IL.

As churches are looking for ways to improve the security of their children’s ministry area, many are turning to biometric solutions. Fingerprint or finger vein scanners can be used in a variety of ways to identify children who are present, people who are authorized to check a student out, and individuals that are allowed entry into certain areas of the building.

Child Check In Software

Many churches utilize check in systems to record that a student has arrived for Sunday school, VBS, Awanas, or other events. The first step in utilizing this type of software is to identify the student that is present to check in. This can be done in a variety of ways. The typical options include typing in a last name, entering a phone number, scanning a bar code, or using a fingerprint or finger vein scan. Although all these options work … a biometric solution offers several advantages. These include:

1. Speed up the process: The fingerprint or vein scan quickly identifies the correct person. You don’t have to worry about misspellings or incorrect phone numbers.

2. You can’t forget your finger. While scanning a bar code is also quick and accurate, it doesn’t help if the parents forget to bring their card or keytags.

3. Mom’s or dad’s finger is easily accessible. Imagine a mom holding three kids and a diaper bag. Is she really gonna want to dig through her purse to find her key tag? It will be so much easier for her just to scan her finger.

There are many vendors that have integrated the use of finger scanning into their check in systems. Some of these vendors include ACS Technologies, Shelby Systems, Excellerate, and By the Book.

Authorized Check Out

Once you have checked a child in, you must also consider how the child will be checked out. How will the church ensure that the correct person is picking them up? Many check in systems available provide the ability to print a name tag for the child with a random security number on it. Then they will also print a parent tag that can be used as a claim check. The parent brings the tag to the classroom, and if they numbers match the child can be released. Many churches, however, want to take this one step further. They want to know exactly who is checking the child out and are they authorized to check the child out. By implementing fingerprint or finger vein scanning upon check out, the church will ensure that only people authorized to check the child out will be able to do so.

Fingerprint reader for any need

Secure Access to the Children’s Areas

Many churches will also take the step of only allowing certain person’s access to the children’s ministry area. Instead of using keys or card swipes to manage the door entry, they can implement finger or palm scanning to allow access to the children’s area of the church.

From child check in system to door entry access, the implementation of biometric systems has truly improved security at churches today.

biometric church management software About the author: Kim Conley is a partner at By the Book, a company dedicated to serving the church. In addition to supporting churches that use Roll Call, Kim enjoys being a parent to two amazing teenagers alongside her husband, David (who happens to also work within shouting distance). She may be spotted in the wild hiking, biking, skiing or snowshoeingFollow By the Book on Twitter @BytheBookChMS

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