Issue Digital Life Certificates For Pensioners Through Biometric Technology

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Biometric technology is being used more and more in the public sector all over the world. In many places, pensioners who are part of an employee pension plan can now turn in their biometric information to renew their life certificates.

The people in charge of giving out pensions need to check every so often to see if the pensioners are still alive and getting the money they are owed. This is done all the time, and they usually send a form called a “Life Certificate” or call the retired members to have them sign it.

Pensioners in India who have been part of the Employees Pension Scheme since 1995 can now submit an online Jeevan Pramaan Patra life certificate. This uses facial recognition and brings age-defining technology to the lives of older people.

The Zimbabwean government has started checking pensioners’ Biometric Life Certificates to make the pension system more secure and stop corruption. The goal of the exercise for both the government and the pensioners is to stop paying money to “ghost” pensioners, make the pension system safer to stop corruption and improve service.

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The switch to biometric technology hasn’t been perfect. For example, many older people have had trouble getting into their biometrics at first because of their age or health. Pensioners have to go to facilities to register and check their biometrics from time to time as part of the process of getting a life certificate.

Biometric authentication techniques for issuing life certificates are a breakthrough that will make it easier and cheaper for pensioners to get the documents they need without having to go from one government office to another. This will make life easier for all pensioners.

Fraudulent activities, duplicate data, and manual processes lead to inefficient pension fund management and disbursement. Fraudsters can also steal the pensions of eligible retirees, and it can lead to too much money being paid out in social welfare benefits. As a well-known leader of e-government projects in public service and social welfare programs, M2SYS works to make it easy for governments to manage the pension funds of their employees.

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The M2SYS eGov Pension Management Solution is a highly scalable enterprise solution for government and private pension plans, sponsors, union trusts, third-party administrators, and financial institutions. It has strong workflows and digitalization to meet the needs of public sector pension schemes, their members, and their employers. It can also be easily connected to third-party systems to speed up administrative tasks and biometric solutions to verify identity. This makes it perfect for faster and easier deployments.

To learn more about M2SYS eGov Pension management solution, download the brochure now or contact us today for a live demo.

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