Mobile Biometric will Stand Out in the Asia Pacific Region

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Biometrics on mobile devices have become very popular in recent years. The technology moved towards user friendliness and it also became much more affordable for consumers. In addition, biometric security is the most secure and hassle-free security system for users. Renowned smartphone companies used the opportunity to launch several smartphones with unique biometric security features integrating fingerprint scanner, iris scan or, voice recognition technology in the devices.

This new trend also brought about a radical change in security operations in different places such as airports and international borders. Worldwide many countries deployed biometric identification at their borders. Also, many airports are going automatic facial recognition boarding system saving time and keeping the customers happy. Many companies or enterprises have implemented bring your own device system where identification of the individual will be done by his or her own smartphone using biometric authentication.

In the Asia Pacific region, biometric technology is expected to rapidly grow and the main reason behind this expectation is the increase in the use of biometric-enabled smartphones. Consumers are now willing and able to do transactions with these smart devices and biometrics add the premium layer of security during transactions. This is eventually going to totally eliminate the traditional security measures such as pins, passwords, security questions, or different ID cards.

The emergence of this technology has also attracted some of the governments in the region to adopt and get the benefits of biometrics. One of the recent projects of biometric was the Indian Aadhar, national ID project which was registered with fingerprint and iris recognition.  Bangladesh rolled out their biometric smart ID program recently using 10 fingerprint scan and iris scan.



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The private sector will greatly benefit from this new trend. Data security will be high and IT costs lower because consumers will be able to identify themselves willingly and no one will have to oversee it.

To cope with the changing market, private and public sector both have to make shifts to empower individuals. Services should now be optimized with biometric solutions. Banks or financial institutes have to enable consumer remote mobile banking facility from smartphones using biometric authentication.

Source: ComputerWeekly

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