How to Setup an Affordable Kronos Biometric Time Clock for Your Small Business

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Kronos Biometric Time Clock for Your Small Business

The question is whether to adopt a biometric time clock or not? Even if I need a biometric time clock to manage my employees, how can I afford such an expensive tool! – These 2 lines of thinking is enough for many sleepless nights and a good amount of stress for any small business owners.

Whatever a company may be engaged in or whatever might the company size be, efficient employee management will always be a crucial thing in every step of the journey the business makes. The most horrifying effect of not having a biometric time clock for your employees is, buddy punching effect on your payroll. Employers loses hundreds and thousands in payroll because of buddy punching. To calculate your payroll loss every year due to buddy punching, click here.

Buddy punching refers to punching in someone illegally in the attendance even if the employee is not arrived yet at the office or workplace. It is a common practice among employees everywhere. Buddy punching causes companies to lose about 2 to 5 percent of total payroll each year. Different companies use different tools for time attendance recording. Some use paper sheets whereas others use RFID tags or cards for clocking in. No system can guarantee total elimination of buddy punching except biometric time clocks, for obvious reasons. But again there is this problem with the excessive cost associated with the purchasing of a biometric time clock, that becomes a major hinder.

To solve this problem one doesn’t have to do that much. They will just have to adopt RightPunch™, and this robust technology will do the rest for them. RightPunch™ is an affordable time clock that simultaneously works with popular workforce management software such as Kronos, ADP etc. This time clock eliminates buddy punching totally off your system.

In modern day business every moments matters. HR professionals are swiftly moving towards newer ways to track employee time since time theft is a major issue in employee performance in-house. Biometric measures are in this case the most reliable, secure and accurate to help track employee clock ins and clock outs. M2SYS understood all the concerns of a workplace and came up with RightPunch™. This pc based fingerprint time clock records clock in and clock out perfectly and totally eliminates and chance of fraud, time theft or buddy punching. It saves your precious payroll losses and increases an employee accountability through punctuality.



Turn Your Any Smart Device to a Time Capture Device for Kronos.

Key Features:

Increase Accountability and Boost Productivity

Eliminate Time Theft | Reduce Payroll Expenses

Prevent buddy punching

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Also, in many biometric time clocks fingerprint becomes an issue for many employees because of reliability or fingerprint disorder. RightPunch™, even has that covered through robust multimodal biometric platform. This software supports fingerprint, finger vein, and even iris and face recognition technology. Employees can also just simply take a selfie and clock in with a smiling happy mood. All one has to do is install the software on his Windows PC or device and plug in the biometric hardware for scanning and RightPunch™ is all set to fight for you against buddy punching.

RightPunch™, is all you need in your affordability to reduce or eliminate all the losses you are experiencing at present without a biometric time clock. Save your time and save your money, because every seconds matters.

Check out RightPunch™ and let us know when you are willing to experience the benefits of this amazing technology at

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