Advantages of Iris Biometric Authentication System

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Iris biometric authentication system is being used in many countries to identify millions of people for several issues around the world. The technology is easy to use and difficult to be forged. It has been used in different projects and gateways like healthcare, national ID and immigration for its advantages, features, and benefits.

Iris Biometric Authentication

Among the different biometric modalities like a fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, facial, retina, etc. iris is one of the most reliable ones. Iris biometric authentication is the complex mathematical pattern recognition technique that identifies the unique and stable video images of the single or both irises of an individual which is possible to distinguish from a distance range.

Advantages of Iris Biometric Authentication System

The characteristics of an iris are significantly unique for each and can be recognized from a distance. That’s why it is challenging to be forged and compared to other biometric modalities false acceptance rate and the false rejection rate is remarkably lower. Such way it becomes most secured authentication technology and has been used in hospitals, borders, financial institutes, and several sensitive projects.

Some of the most critical advantages of iris biometric authentication system are:


The iris authentication matches the complex mathematical patterns of the irises which are significantly unique for each. A comprehensive study on biometric authentication found that the false rejection rate of iris authentication is only 1.8% which is the lowest.


Iris biometric authentication is highly scalable for any size of a project. The technology has been deployed in many government projects like National ID or immigration as well as in healthcare services.


Iris can be scanned from a distance which ensures hygiene factor, unlike fingerprint or retina. It’s like to take a picture and doesn’t require any contact with the scanner.


The mathematical patterns of iris remain same throughout the life of the individual which is which is the unique feature of this modalities and protected by the natural biological process of the body.

Liveness Detection

The scanner detects the movement of the iris which requires the liveness of the individual to scan the irises in camera or scanner to perform the authentication. If the subject is unconscious, the authentication will fail which secures the threats of being forged.

Highly Secured

The iris is extremely difficult to be forged for its uniqueness of the patterns. As a result, it assures the highest level of security and become the most reliable biometric authentication system.


Iris patterns have the high degree of randomness which allows the variability by 244 degrees-of-freedom and entropy by 3.2 bits per square millimeter. In both cases, the uniqueness is set by combinatorial complexity. So, the identification remains faster and safer.


Decision making and encoding are tractable in iris authentication because the image analysis and encoding time of the scanner are only 30 milliseconds, the decidability index is typically 6 to 8.

Faster Matching

If the individual is already enrolled in the biometric system, then the iris biometric authentication could be the quicker way of authentication than the others because of its higher degrees-of-freedom and faster encoding time.

Easy to use

A person needs to stand still in front of the camera, and the job is done instantly. It is a comfortable process for everyone which doesn’t require any special skills and environment to use it.

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