RightPatient® to Host Webinar on Biometric Patient Identification Technology for Patient Safety

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RightPatient® will offer a free webinar on September 10, 2015 covering accurate patient identification and patient data integrity in healthcare. The webinar will cover elimination of duplicate medical records, the importance of creating a federated patient identity, and an in-depth discussion of what biometrics can or cannot do.

RightPatient® offer a free webinar on “Biometric Patient Identification Technology for Patient Safety” on September the 10th from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. EDT.

One of the major debates within the healthcare industry revolves around patient identification and patient data integrity, especially when it comes to patient safety and security. Ask any healthcare professional about the impact of failing to correctly identify patients and the answer would be same. Misidentification of patients is a direct cause of preventable medication errors, transfusion errors, and testing errors. Preventable medical errors continue to persist as the #3 killer in the U.S. and claim the lives of more than 400,000 patients per year.

Inaccurate health information may also adversely affect the data integrity of a patient’s health record, insurance eligibility, and employability. Biometric patient identification solutions can significantly reduce the risks of patient misidentification and the dangers of duplicate medical records.

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Learn more in this free webinar about the only biometric patient identification systems that have the ability to provide a single, ubiquitous, federated patient identity platform for patients to be accurately identified from any provider location across any network. Patient identities that are secured with biometrics can help to reduce the challenges of patient data matching and data sharing across disparate health networks. The webinar will also discuss the use of biometrics for patient ID to secure PHI access from mobile devices, mHealth apps, and patient portals, and why it is critical for any healthcare organization to develop a more holistic approach to patient identification that addresses each and every touchpoint along the care continuum.

Unprecedented Usability and Iris Image Quality in a Compact DesignIndividual reports of adverse events and medical errors caused by patient misidentification provide useful information about the size of the challenge in improving patient safety. A 2008 RAND report, “Identity Crisis: An Examination of the Costs and Benefits of a Unique Patient Identifier for the U.S. Health Care System,” noted that avoiding adverse drug events, which are often the result of incomplete information about a patient’s medications or allergies, could save the U.S. healthcare system about $4.5 billion per year. This report also points out that on average an 8 – 12% duplicate record rate existed in the master patient index (MPI) databases studied.

Michael Trader, President of RightPatient® will guide us about the current state of patient identification in healthcare, patient identification challenges, and using biometrics for patient ID across the care continuum through the webinar.

The free webinar will be held on September the 10th from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. EDT. To sign up, please visit this Registration Web Link: (https://bit.ly/1MX6ZnH) for more details on the webinar and the topics we will cover.

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What specific questions do you have about the use of biometrics for patient identification in healthcare? Write them in the comments below and we will try to answer all questions during the webinar.

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