Biometric driver’s identification market is expected to grow by 25%

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The market for biometric driver’s identification is expected to grow by 25%, according to a recent market research report. Last year, the biometric driver’s identification technology market was valued at US$ 10 Bn, and this year it is forecasted to register a high-quality growth. The research predicted that North America would remain a profitable market for a biometric driver’s identification system, attributed to the region’s technological and financial vigor, alongside robust attention on automobile safety. Besides, Europe is expected to hold the 2nd most significant role in the biometric driver’s identification system market, on account of authorities’ stringent policies in place to make certain of street safety, and encourage the adoption of safety systems in vehicles.

Biometric driver's identification market is expected to grow by 25%

What Is Biometric Driver’s Identification System

Biometric driver’s identification technology is foremost amongst currently developed technologies and an advancement step in active car security technologies. Enhancing auto safety systems for occupants as well as pedestrian protection is one of the key priorities for automakers globally. Biometric driver’s identification system identifies the driver based solely on physiological points and prevents a car from any unauthorized access and establishes the safety of the car.

Key Vendor for Biometric Driver’s Identification System

With over 17 years of experience in the biometric technology market, M2SYS is a reliable vendor for the biometric driver’s identification system. Using their robust technology, one can integrate this system with their enterprise fleet management software. M2SYS is renowned for its top-notch services. Using their identity management system, Forever 21 established accurate time attendance system in their retail stores. This adaptation helped Forever 21 to reduce buddy punching, time theft, and ghost workers  from their 700 retail stores located in 48 countries.

How to Deploy

If you want to deploy a similar product for your business, contact m2sys. With over 17 years of experience, M2SYS can surely be of great help.


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One thought on “Biometric driver’s identification market is expected to grow by 25%

  • January 30, 2023 at 3:41 am

    The biometric driver’s identification market is expected to see growth due to increasing focus on automobile safety and adoption of safety systems in regions such as North America and Europe.


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