Top 5 Fingerprint Devices for Easy Identity Verification

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A fingerprint scanner is a device that uses biometric technology to capture and process fingerprints for the purpose of personal identification, security, and access control. The device typically includes a sensor that captures an image of a person’s fingerprint, and software that processes the image and compares it to a database of stored fingerprints templates. Fingerprint scanners can be used in a variety of settings, including government buildings, airports, banks, and smartphones, as well as in a range of software applications. Fingerprint scanners can either be optical, capacitive or thermal, these 3 technologies are currently most common in use, they work by generating a digital template of the fingerprint and comparing it against stored template.

Fingerprint scanners are a must-have in today’s workplace. They keep attackers out of your computers and give an additional degree of security to your important data. They may also be used in workplaces for identity verification, access and leave, and to capture citizen data in government agencies. Here are a few of the top biometric devices for this application.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner SecuGen Hamster Pro 20

SecuGen-Hamster-Pro-20This is a precise optical USB fingerprint sensor with a resolution of 500 DPI. When the finger is put on the reader, it immediately detects it. Smart capture works with fingertips that are dry, damp, old, scarred, or otherwise difficult to scan. The glass plate is scratch, impact, corrosion, and electrostatic shock resistant, making it ideal for usage by a large number of people. It boasts a low-profile, ultra-compact design. It is compatible with SecuGen, MINEX Certified, and third-party algorithms. It scans prints quickly and features an ultra-compact, low-profile design.

M2-EasyScan™ USB fingerprint reader


M2-EasyScan™ USB fingerprint reader is a high-performance biometric device manufactured by M2SYS, equipped with advanced Smart Capture technology, which ensures consistent and reliable performance even in high-throughput environments. It is easy to use, plug and play device, with no software installation or additional driver required. The device connects to a computer via USB, making it easy to integrate with existing systems. The device supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and comes with patented optical technology for clear image quality, Auto-On feature, integrated finger guide, and many more advanced features making it a great security solution. It can be used for personal identification, security, and access control, and can be integrated with a variety of software applications.

Watson Mini Two Fingerprint Scanner


This is the first tiny and lightweight optical scanner that employs a light emitting sensor (LES) that only reacts to human fingertips to collect high-resolution fingerprint pictures. Because it is LES, the film does not need to be cleaned between finger rolls and has the quickest matching capabilities. The Watson Mini is an FBI-approved device that adheres to the Mobile ID IQS FAP 45, PIV, GSA FIPS 201, and FBI Appendix F standards. Using its LES technology, it can take two-finger direct and single-finger roll photographs.

Fingerprint Reader HID® DigitalPersona 4500


The HID® DigitalPersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader is a stylish and powerful fingerprint identification system. The HID® DigitalPersona 4500 has an Executive-class look and feel, making it ideal for power users in shared situations. The M2SYS CloudScanrTM API and CloudABISTM biometric matching system operate in tandem with the HID® DigitalPersona 4500 fingerprint scanner.

For higher picture quality and product dependability, the HID DigitalPersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader (previously Crossmatch U.are.U 4500) employs optical fingerprint scanning technology. A U.are.U 4500HD (high durability) Fingerprint Reader combined with our CloudABIS fingerprint matching technology results in a dependable solution for rapid and accurate person identification.

Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner SecuGen Unity 20


The SecuGen Unity 20 Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner is designed to function on the move. By establishing Bluetooth communication with any iOS or Android device, the optical fingerprint sensor can scan, enroll, and authenticate users. This small, robust, and stylish gadget fits effortlessly into your pocket and scans fingerprints in both directions.

The Unity 20 Bluetooth fingerprint reader, which has a 1GHz CPU, broadens the breadth of usage for programmers by using APIs in the built-in Fingerprint Management System (FMS) software. Furthermore, the device may be modified using its built-in Linux development environment, MINEX-compliant fingerprint methods, OpenSSL, and cryptography libraries. To improve security and enable quicker 1: N (identification) and 1:1 (verification) fingerprint matching, the device may store encrypted fingerprint templates in its closed environment.


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