RightPunch Helps to Increase Efficiency of Kronos Workforce Ready Suite

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What is Kronos Workforce Ready Suite?

The Kronos Workforce Ready suite integrates the power of workforce management and human capital management (HCM) in a single cloud platform to help enterprises manage their workforce from recruitment to the time they retire. It includes different employment modules like salaried employment, hourly-paid employment, or part-time employment.

What is RightPunch?

RightPunch is a soft biometric time clock that facilitates the Kronos Workforce Ready users to clock the exact hours their employees or workers work. The PC and smartphone-based apps of RightPunch is the most economical alternative biometric time clock that integrates with the Kronos Workforce Ready suite.

How RightPunch Helps to Increase Efficiency of Kronos Workforce Ready?

Let’s have a look into a real-life implementation of RightPunch by Forever 21, Inc.; a fashion retailer of women’s, men’s, and kid’s clothing and accessories.

Forever 21 runs more than 700 stores in 48 countries with retailers in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Mexico, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. They were unable to identify employee time theft in their retail store, and looking for a solution that could accurately track employee time attendance and can prevent time theft, buddy punching, and ghost employee problems from their retail stores.

To eliminate this problem, Forever 21 wants to deploy something that is accurate and impossible to manipulate. But not all the solutions could meet their expectations due to some anticipated challenges they were facing in deploying such a solution. Finally, they decided to deploy RightPunch as it was the only solution that met their all expectations when comparing a number of solutions that had been demonstrated to them.

They do believe that from the first year after implementation they have seen a positive impact which has resulted in their savings in payroll expense and an increase in productivity that is worth millions of U.S. dollars.

Value Propositions of RightPunch

RightPunch is the outstanding app for Kronos Workforce Ready that contributes to the industry for some worthy values listed below:

  • Most economic biometric time clock alternative for Kronos
  • Seamless integration with Kronos using a desktop or smartphone-based app
  • Supports multimodal biometric like a fingerprint, finger vein, iris, and face ID
  • Eliminates employee time theft and buddy punching
  • No specialized IT infrastructure or expensive maintenance is required
  • Increases efficiency and reduces compliance risks
  • Reduces payroll errors, and saves money
  • Ensures a positive ROI of the implementation

If you are a Kronos user and facing challenges due to identity theft, time theft, or buddy punching, please contact us for a demo of RightPunch to see how it works, and learn how you can save money from being wasted on non-productive hours.

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