Trends in Biometric Technology for 2018

Biometrics in 2018

Biometrics in 2018 Source

Biometric technology has been around for quite some time now, and like every form of technology known to man, it continues to undergo important improvement. 2017 saw a lot of advancement in terms of the trends in biometric technology and 2018 will only see this advancement become more attractive.

In this article, we will consider a handful of areas where we expect this piece of technology to record more impressive upgrades. Continue reading →

The Latest On Home Security and Biometrics Technology

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Studies show that it takes less than 10 minutes for intruders to complete a burglary. The FBI warns in its latest annual crime report that 73.2% of all burglary offenses in the US involved residential properties.  Technology is enabling criminals to boost their operations, even making it possible to conduct massive heists off-site. For a household, installing a home alarm system is not the end of the story. It’s imperative to do regular assessments, customizations, and upgrades to ensure the infallibility of home security.

The introduction of biometrics technology was a game-changer in the security system industry. Over the past decade, companies are boosting their product lines that incorporate biometrics into various devices. Here’s a quick rundown of biometric trends you should know.

Two-factor authentication


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The strong authentication capability of biometrics is the primary reason why more businesses opt to shift to this security technology. Mary Chaney, a security specialist at GE Capital Americas, said: “If you use dynamic/behavioral biometric measure, like keystroke dynamics, you can gain advantage of two-factor authentication.” Continue reading →

Infographics: The Impact of Biometrics in Banking

As global financial entities become more digitally-based, banks are piloting new technologies to improve customer and employee identity management in an effort to combat fraud, increase transaction security, and enhance customer convenience. One cutting edge technology increasingly used at many of the world’s top financial institutions is biometrics. In today’s post, we have identified the factors that drive demand for biometrics and the impact it’s generating, especially in the context of identity management in the banking sector. Continue reading →

5 Ways biometric technology used in everyday life

Since the launch of biometric in iPhone, many of us believes that it has become a mainstream identification solution. Since then a lots of innovation has taken place to make this cutting edge technology even more secured and convenient. More and more devices and platforms have adopted the technology across multiple sectors, from access control to airport security. The penetration of biometric identification technology for both business and personal use is accelerating the push into our everyday life. Continue reading →

Biometric Technology in Cars: An Introduction to the Future

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What is biometric technology?

Biometrics is the use of behavioral and physical data obtained from a person and applied to a number of existing technologies for the purposes of both identification and access control.

Once the preserve of science-fiction fans, we now live in a world where the use of biometrics is commonplace. Smartphones use fingerprint technology for secure access, and iris scanning is now the main point of entry at passport border control in airports across the world. Continue reading →

Certain Trends Push Implementations in Biometrics Industry to The Next Level

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Self – Adjusting Capabilities Keeps Global Hand Geometry Biometrics Devices Market Strong

Weakening any risk of security breach or safeguarding critical data happens to be one of several concerns that needs to be tackled with creative technological methods. Thus, biometric verification is one such solution to authentication problem. Due to tremendous innovation, in this space new entrants are emerging to offer more secure and easy verification process to customers. Research analysts at “Big Market Research” assessing the growth rate, share and size and trends outline that government bodies and different industries are planning on implementing mobile biometric, which will speed up the authentication process. The industry is likely to undergo significant change over the next five to six years owing to certain trends. Continue reading →

Top 5 App making companies in Canada

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Millions of applications are available today on different app stores throughout all platforms available. Companies around the world have started up since the age of technology began to integrate ideas that would turn out be so helpful as well as entertaining to us today. Ever wondered who is behind all of them? Who comes up with these ideas? Continue reading →

The Top Seven Advantages of a Biometric Identification Management System

In April 2014, we published a blog post on The Advantages of a Biometric Identification Management System. Since then, biometric technology has rapidly evolved and we believe it’s time to revisit and update the advantages of this technology.

Advantages of a biometric identification management system in 2016


What are the advantages of biometric identification management technology? Source: Pixabay

It today’s technology based society, traditional individual authentication methods are gradually becoming obsolete. Biometric authentication is taking over traditional passwords or ID card based authentication due to numerous advantages. Let’s examine the advantages of a biometric identification management system (which relies on “who you are”) vs. traditional authentication methods that rely on “what you have” or “what you know.”


Biometric authentication is taking over traditional passwords or ID card based authentication. Click To Tweet Continue reading →

Biometric Technology: Replacing Passwords and PINs in Banking


The financial sector is replacing passwords and PINs with biometrics for higher security and consumer convenience. Source

Touch ID from Apple introduced a more modern way to authenticate banking customers through fingerprint recognition. Without wasting any time, banks throughout the world are pushing forward to leverage this device based technology to replace passwords and PINs. The entire financial industry realizes that biometric technology not only secures account holder financial transactions, but it also adds a great deal of customer convenience. Continue reading →