7 Ways Remote HR Can Support Work-From-Home Employees Like A Professional

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Remote work has been in headlines in recent times and that’s for a good reason. Flexjobs found in research that remote work grew by 44% in the last five years. The growth in the last 10 years was 91%. Yet, many HR professionals have illusions about developing and handling remote workers spanning the globe. Our list of seven strategies will help remote HR managers to understand and support their employees working from home.

Use Remote Employee Monitoring Software

HR has the utmost duty to know if the employees are working properly. They do it all the time at the physical office and it’s normal. Things are different for a remote team—managers can’t stay by their side to see how a remote employee works. CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software works with HR to fill in this gap. It shows whether the employees are working or not. Employees can prove their proactive movements in work with this app. It builds trust from all sides and helps increase employee productivity. Businesses need to support their employees’ work by using this software for the team.



Remain Adaptable to Unknown Situations

The HR manager has to have the willingness to listen and be open-minded to changes. This will help the team to remain productive while working remotely. Implementing new digital solutions and regularly communicating improves understanding. Through this, you can get ideas about employees’ important personal events and celebrate their success. Keeping a pulse on the workforce and understanding the changes inside the employees is crucial for proper employee engagement. This way, the HR manager can gradually adopt new policies that reflect the needs and demands of the remote workforce.

Ensure Fair Repay for the Employees

There have been new employment laws in trend over the past few years. These laws require employers to identify the small tasks done by the employees in their devices for organizational benefit. This has made the estimation of employee compensation more difficult and challenging. Employees utilize multiple devices, internet, and office homes for remote work. Employers now have to count on living costs and itemized bill components to make it fair and accurate for each employee. On the other hand, the compensation has to support the organizations’ labor laws as well. 



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Schedule Virtual Development and Social Events

Professional development events like conferences, self-development podcasts and meetups are regularly taking place on virtual platforms. This concept can be used inside remote workforces to establish a wider sense of community and information sharing. Organizations can encourage frequent team meetings or even virtual social hours as an alternative to physical office meetings. Scheduling optional virtual events can let employees interact outside of the normal work discussions and create a sense of teamwork.

Deploy an Employee Engagement App

Employees need motivation when they work from home. They can feel lonely and get frustrated from time to time, as they are staying home by themselves. HR needs to ensure the employees are maintaining a positive mentality and keeping good health for proper job engagement. To help in this matter, the CircleCare employee engagement app is working with many businesses. It encourages employees and helps them to achieve health goals. With this app, HR can encourage employees and keep them engaged to work. It’s a great tool to increase employee productivity and more organizations need to use this app to support their employees.

Create Benchmarks that Suit Remote Work

Performance evaluation is subjective, so it’s important to get help from the hiring managers to determine individual success. Checking on an employee’s whole day of work is a challenge, and positive results can go unnoticed from time to time. Giving recognition to good work is necessary, so HR needs to make a clear and suitable benchmark. The benchmark should work in a way that can count remote employees’ performances throughout the organization.

Hear Employees’ Thoughts on Remote HR Initiatives

Lastly, allow employees to share their thoughts on remote HR management. Especially in the COVID-19 situation, employees need to share their thoughts on work-from-home polices as it is distinctive from other scenarios. This doesn’t mean remote employees have to frame themselves into the global pandemic time to share opinions. They need to get comfortable in sharing thoughts on remote work policy and HR initiatives for all time. Employees will feel connected to each other and company values when they get to know the value of their voice in the organization.

Remote work is the new normal and using it in business will bring benefits. It is vital to have plans and tools for keeping remote employees connected. This will ensure productivity and safety, help to build company culture for a remote team, and bring employee loyalty. If you need help to build the best remote team for your organization, try CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software. See how it works with remote HR to support the employees by using the 14-day free trial. For any sort of inquiries, hit the Contact Us button.

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