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Top 7 Biometric Trends You know in 2019

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This guest post is submitted by Manan Ghadawala

Biometric research in recent years have advanced manifolds and its effects are all set to impinge upon our daily lives, keeping up with trends and new technology, thus, is absolutely necessary. The future scope of biometrics in every aspect of life is limitless and is aimed towards better security and protection of personal data. The rapid growth of biometrics research and interest about it in consumers, enterprises and governments has boosted its growth further.

Top 7 Biometric Trends You know in 2019

The changes made in governmental operations regarding the citizens have widened the path towards a secured access to information through voice and facial recognition has showed the future application of biometrics to be infinite. Since 2017, to tackle problems like money laundering, tax evasion and fighting fraudulent businesses all around the world, 90% of the banking system has adopted various forms of Unified Biometrics System. Since its inception in 2001, the Biometrics Institute has been the leading representative body of this gradually emerging international industry.

Trends in the Business:

Driven by the requirement of better ways to identify people and provide a more secured environment for storing personal belongings and information that is protected against hacks and stealing, the advanced biometric innovations have been making its mark in the security sector in the recent years.

  1. Biometric Security Growth:

The concept of connectivity between your physical self to the digital records and online account is still foreign in some parts of the world. While scepticism has kept rapid spread of the technology at bay in many parts of the world, the advancements of the technology regardless the reservation against it has done little to hinder its growth. As long as an ensured smoother user experience is not tampered with, the initial reserve is easily surmounted. To increase the effectiveness of security, the companies already use biometrics and the application of facial recognition and fingerprint scanning is already common use in security aspect of smart phones and other electronic devices simultaneously.

  2. Authentication Tool:

In the face of the modern problems, such as, identity theft and hacking of digital data, the government has taken active part in initiating protocols closely related to the recent developments in biometrics system to give way to the evolution of risk-based authentication tools. The advancements in this field have been noted in the cyber security field with most significant regard and the applications of the biometric innovations have been widely experimented with.

  3. Biometric Single Sign On:

Biometrics being prevailed upon to replace passwords and keys is a moot point of discussion currently. The unique characteristics of biometric system which are protected against being forgotten, shared or being even being lost makes it a device fit for the modern era. The security advantages of the latest biometric technology 2019 are greater than the traditional passwords and keys with its lower cost of password management and convenience of usage.

  4.  Facial and Voice Recognition:

The usage of sensors to identify the special and unique characteristics of every individual’s face, such as, contours of eye sockets, nose, cheeks and chin has made this advanced technology usable for the common man alongside multinational companies and governments. But this system has been exposed to the methods of cheating and now companies like Apple has been working on developing a more advanced biometrics system using the AI cameras on its devices which is prepared to be used in other similar devices for the purpose of strengthening the security of such devices. A worldwide roll out is expected to take place soon and is sure to blaze a trail in the constantly growing industry.

  5. Mobile Biometric Technology:

As the previously mentioned trends points us in the direction of the use biometrics in our lives in a more intimate fashion, the usage and application of the technology through mobile devices is a greater possibility applicable to a wide range of security facilities. The requirements for accurate and secure identification away from an in-house environment have given rise to this trend and it is expected to blow up in the upcoming years. Portable biometric sensors or inbuilt devices activated through Wi-Fi connection or a USB cable is being researched to be put to use. In law enforcements, border protection and identification of corpses can be processed in a rapid speed through the application of this technology. The application of it in healthcare to save potentially save lives in remote areas by authenticating health records is also being explored in biometric research facilities.

  6. Cloud Based Biometric Solutions:

The integration of the mobile biometric technology with a cloud based solution can make the data get processed even faster. The cost effectiveness of hardware, application and infrastructure that this integrated process brings to the user, meets more of the conditions to switch out the outdated process of data processing. The potential of multiple user access and faster workings of official government and company departments, internally, to produce a smoother production of complete paperwork and authentic information based identity proof has made the technology desired and the process of implementing these advances in a risk free manner is being researched.

  7. New Vendors in the Market:

With the advancements in the field of biometric research, many companies have already moved into the sector to profit off the prospects of it and the number of companies is only increasing gradually. The advantage of having these companies working in the field has impacted the growth positively. As the Research and Development departments of these company’s work unified as one unit to further explore the limits and application of the technology, every day, new horizons are reached and newer are revealed. The prediction for biometric trends 2019 is that every major country will have at least half of its multi-national companies putting its resources and manpower in the development of this sector.


The digitalisation of data will prove to be a much needed advancement towards the achievements of the future, but making the data and information digitised, it will also be vulnerable to the threats of hacking and mass information leak. To prevent these mishaps, the researchers are working tirelessly to provide a full-proof system that is immune to such leaks and hacks.


Author Bio:

Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients. Follow him on @twitter

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