Top 10 Apps to monitor work from home employees

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In the last few years, the business was going deeper and deeper into the Internet space. And 2020 has become a real challenge for everyone. Most companies around the world were forced to rush to remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gartner conducted a study at the end of March 2020, which showed that in some companies, almost 90% of the employees switched to work-from-home mode. While this figure was only 20% before the pandemic. And the main difficulty they faced was the need to monitor workforce performance. The transition to a remote mode of work literally removed employees from the sight of the management. As a result, traditional control methods failed. But it is still possible to achieve high efficiency in a team of people who work from different locations. Today you can find many useful tools to control and guide. Here are 10 apps to monitor remote processes more successfully.

CloudDesk. Probaby the best employee monitoring application of 2020. When it comes to managing remote employees, it is important to manage them effectively. CloudDesk is a robust remote employee monitoring system. Using this software you can monitor staff performance, their check-in and check-out times, their total productive hours, their web application usage and employees can confirm their attendance . The software also enables a face verification system that confirms your employees actual attendance at their desk. As well, the software provides robust insights for the manager, so that you can see the full picture at a glance and can take important business decisions based on reliable data.


CloudDesk makes it easy to manage the remote employees that help your business to thrive. It has all the essential features that will make your remote team management easy and will ensure your remote team is productive. Moreover, the software offers free trials for 14 days. So, try this software right now and contact us for any query.

Hubstaff. This software effectively combines surveillance and control capabilities It is a perfect instrument for those who work with finances, allowing to set up automatic payments to employees. The administrator can find out what employees are doing during business hours and how much they need to be paid when the job is done. There is a 14-day trial period, after which you will have to switch to the paid version of the program.

Hivedesk is a perfect tool for time management. It effectively controls the remote team performance. Furthermore, the program can visually display the progress of each employee. The employer can regularly receive screenshots of the monitors and check how busy the remote employee is at certain moments. The service keeps track of how many hours a team member has worked, which simplifies the calculation system. Hivedesk is a paid service, the plan starts from $15 for three employees and one administrator.

PivotalTracker. With this project management service, you can effectively plan and monitor the work of a distributed team. The tracker helps track the activities of each member of the working group and track progress throughout the project. The service has powerful analytical tools, the data can also be visualized so that you can quickly understand at what stage the project is, understand where there are problems or determine which work is ahead of schedule. For small teams of three people, PivotalTracker’s cheapest paid plan is $ 12.50.

Work Examiner. It is a complex multi-level system for controlling the working time of company employees. It monitors and analyzes the activity of corporate PC users on the Internet and applications. Work Examiner allows you to automatically generate reports, as well as configure the publication of reports to a specific folder on a server in the corporate network. Quick reports contain brief statistics of your employees’ work at the computer. The price depends on the number of licenses you buy as each working place requires a separate license.

Zoom. Meetings are an essential part of any work culture. Using Zoom for video conferencing, you can easily manage meetings with remote employees and monitor their progress by talking with them face to face. There are many other software options in the market that make it easy for employees to join a meeting too. Some software comes with a trial service and some comes with a free subscription with limited meeting time. You can even share your screen if required during those meetings to monitor their work.

CleverControl. It is a powerful system that allows you to track all the actions of your employees on their computers. It is possible to control employees remotely using a secure personal account from any device and from anywhere in the world without a need to buy vpn. CleverControl monitors all types of activities, including all Internet activities such as visited websites, chatting, instant messaging, use of social networks, etc.

Slack. Without proper communication app for monitoring remote employees, you can not fulfill your business objectives. In an office setting your employees have instant access to their supervisor, but in a remote setting it is different and can be difficult. To reduce communication problems you can use different communication apps where you can reach your employees instantly. Slack sends notifications to an employee’s email and mobile, so no matter what they are doing, they can reach out to you instantly.

Kickidler. This tool can be used as a fully-fledged automated timesheet. The program allows you to calculate the working hours of employees and assess the productivity of personnel working remotely efficiently and with maximum accuracy. The system makes it possible to view the screens of employees’ computers online, record the history of their activity, analyze which sites are visited by employees, track traffic, and much more. Kickidler has a completely free plan. It allows you to monitor up to six employees at the same time. The rest of the tariffs have unlimited features and the price depends on the chosen period.


CircleCare. Remote employees stay at their desks for hours without going outside. This may not only damage their health but also make them feel alone and isolated. Thats why you should have a app for monitoring their physical and mental health. Try the CircleCare employee engagement app to help them solve these health issues. It encourages employees and helps them to achieve health goals. With this app, you can monitor their health conditions, keep employees mentally motivated and keep them engaged to work. Try this app to increase the productivity of your remote teams.

The shift to remote work is happening in companies around the world. It concerns not only freelancers but also remote office workers and those who have yet to become them. So it is crucial to have the right tools at your disposal to monitor and boost the performance of your team.  Moreover, these software products allow you to build a picture of the working day, identify weak points of the workflow, and evaluate the progress. The main thing is not to overdo with control as the result will be the opposite. Use appropriate team-building strategies to make your team focused on achieving a result. Then the employees will put the necessary software themselves or ask the company to buy it in order to work more efficiently and move towards the goal faster.

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