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8 Benefits of Cloud-based Biometric Identification Management

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using biometric identification in the cloud
Does the cloud offer distinct advantages when using biometric identification solutions?

Cloud computing allows you to get on-demand, convenient, ubiquitous network access to shared configurable computing resources such as storage, networks, servers, services, and applications. More and more businesses are moving and integrating their biometric identification management systems to cloud platforms because of the many benefits this brings. These include:

  1. Biometric identification management systems are multimodal (they can combine fingerprint, palm vein, finger vein, iris, palm print, DNA, voice, and facial) and they generate a lot of data. Investing in the necessary storage capacity is expensive and managing the data yourself is risky and time consuming. Over the past few years, it has become clear that sheer CPU power can no longer single-handedly support the petabytes of data needed by biometric identity systems.
  2. You can quickly provision and release the shared resources with minimal service provider interaction and management effort. You save money from the fact that you do not have to employ an in-house team to manage the system. This also allows you to concentrate on running your core business.
  3. With cloud computing, you will not need to invest in the hardware, applications, and infrastructure needed. This considerably brings down startup and running costs. The high cost of rolling out automated biometric identification systems (ABIS) is the reason they were the preserve of central governments – with the cloud, this is no longer the case.
  1. Cloud computing offers parallel processing capabilities. Several people can work on the same data with no problem at all.
  1. Cloud-based biometric identification management technology gives you very good deployment possibilities. These include smart spaces, access control applications, mobile application, and ambient intelligence environments, among others.
  1. Cloud-based biometric technology is faster than the traditional biometric technology. You also get improved speeds because of the reduced system complexities. Hosting in the cloud such as Salesforce Github is also advantageous in that there is no need to schedule software updates and maintenance, meaning improved uptime.
  1. Many organizations that have yet to move their ABIS to the cloud fail to do so because of perceived cloud security and privacy issues. The fact is, however, that customers and cloud providers can now create a governance framework by leveraging existing ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 standards which, together, provide the requirements for creating the necessary controls to use and implement security best practices.
  1. Powerful virtualization through virtual servers as well as cloud hosting providers make migration of the massive databases to the cloud seamless. This has been one of the greatest hindrances to migration for organizations and governments that had already deployed ABIS.

So, what are the advantages of biometric identification management systems anyway?8-benefits-of-cloud-based-biometric-identification-managementcghcg

  • You get more accurate identification because different biological characteristics will be scanned.
  • There is greater accountability with biometric log-ins because it connects an individual to a particular event or action.
  • The taking of biometric data is easy to use, less invasive, and convenient.
  • Taking of biometric data is quick (identity is accepted or rejected in seconds), meaning less queuing.
  • Biometric data such as fingerprints and iris cannot be stolen or guessed, meaning greater security.
  • You save money with ABIS because it means lower payroll costs (for security guards), reduced management time, and accurate work hour calculation.

Author Bio:

David Wicks has years of experience biometric identification management systems. He helps companies rollout these systems and those with existing systems to migrate to the cloud. To learn more about Salesforce Github, visit this website.

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