How M2SYS eGov’s Prison Management System Wows Prospect

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Technology has been slowly but steadily seeping into various aspects of society. Governments, schools, organizations, and individuals all use technology to make processes easier, smarter, faster, and error-free. One such aspect where technology is making things easier is prison management – something that’s crucial for any government.

Soaring crime rates worldwide mean more riots, criminals, and incarcerations – all of which put significant pressure on law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, many agencies still use ancient paper-based systems and spreadsheets to manage inmates and their identification. However, such approaches can jeopardize national security. Imagine if the wrong inmate is released. The consequences could be drastic!

Moreover, paper-based or obsolete systems have several disadvantages compared to modern prison management systems. Obsolete systems can cause several problems, such as:

  • Redundancy
  • Security issues
  • Data mismanagement
  • Misallocation of resources
  • Inefficiency

As a result, Jail Authorities, Public Safety Departments, and Governments are looking for modern prison management solutions that enhance security, automate operations, ensure inmate identification, and provide other benefits. However, not all Jail Authorities have the same requirements, as every agency have different needs and security protocols. Sometimes, contractors are necessary to find solutions that meet those specific needs.

That being said, let’s look at the requirements of a recent prospect and how our Prison Management System impressed them.

What did the Prospect Require?

The prospects’ requirements were quite straightforward – they wanted to manage around 45,000 inmates with 5000 agents in 40 centers. Moreover, they wanted support for maintenance and technical issues, as well as the app in their language.

The prospect wanted the solution for three types of users: those who could only read the information, those that could modify inmate information, and those with full access.

The prospect wanted the solution to house and manage inmate information such as time of entry, name, aliases, nationality, ID card number, and other relevant information. In addition, the solution must also be able to house visitor management information and inmates’ medical information.

However, a crucial requirement that all prospects share regarding prison management systems is accurate inmate identification during booking to prevent duplication. Booking is a vital component of prison management, and if inmates are identified accurately, it can increase safety, reduce misinformation, and eliminate incorrect inmate releases. As a result, the prospect wanted a solution to house and process different types of biometric information such as facial, iris, and fingerprint records during booking.

Another crucial requirement was that the system needed to be deployed in a way so that all data is stored in our prospect’s server instead of our Cloud server.

What our Prison Management System Does

Our eGovernance platform has several versatile, scalar, and customizable apps specifically designed with government agencies in mind, including the eGov Prison Management System. It is a robust and end-to-end prison management solution that can serve jail authorities, public safety departments, and other law enforcement agencies effectively.

Our prebuilt Prison Management System has a plethora of features, such as an interactive dashboard, schedule management, inmate management and identification through various biometric modalities, and booking management. For agencies with multiple facilities, it can house all of the facilities’ information so that users know which inmate is booked in which specific facility. The solution also records medical assessments, court cases, transfers, releases, prisoner rehabilitation/correction, and more! The system can also be deployed in any destination server ensuring maximum security and privacy. There is support for multiple languages in the system.

The best part is that our Prison Management System is entirely customizable, and that’s exactly what we did for the prospect, within a tight deadline of 48 hours.

How our Solution Wowed the Prospect

The prospect had requirements which meant that we had to modify the app to meet their needs. While such modifications require months with conventional solutions, we provided the customized version within the provided deadline (48 hours, to be precise), demonstrating how versatile and easy it is to customize apps with our eGov platform.

The customized Prison Management System we created for them is compatible with all types of biometric capture tools and biometric matching services (facial, fingerprint, and iris capture are supported). The customized solution can verify and identify inmates accurately during booking and record all required information. It is also compatible with third-party systems to share data securely and quickly between agencies and facilities. This results in faster registration, increased security, and proper recordkeeping without any hassle – everything is digitized and kept on-premise for better security.

When we demonstrated both versions to the prospect, they were amazed at how quickly and easily we customized the solution to meet their needs. We also showed them that the app could be customized on the fly, highlighting how easy it is to match changing requirements!

Contact us now to learn more about our Prison Management System and our eGov platform and how they can serve your specific needs!

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