Ghana Police Received Biometric Devices Worth $2 Million to Combat Crime

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Law enforcement agencies worldwide are strengthening their security to tackle the fight against crime. Although using biometrics for law enforcement agencies is not new, not all countries deploy biometric devices in the field. But recently Ghana’s police have acquired biometric devices worth $2 million to fight crime.

Ghanaian police use biometric devices to fight crime

Ghanaian police have purchased over a hundred mobile devices to verify biometric identification in the field. The devices and software are worth more than $2 million in the United States, and their primary goal is to improve the efficiency of law enforcement operations.

Police may use the device to perform biometric identification against the National Identification Authority’s database. This will allow you to do background checks on wanted individuals and Ghana Card holders and collect data on car registration and insurance coverage.

According to the study, the NIA database has biometric records for over 17 million people, enabling individuals to be recognized in real-time. The country is thought to have a population of 33 million people. The devices were unveiled to the public and then handed over to the Ghana Police Service at the occasion. Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia was present. The deployment is part of a government effort to use digital technology to tackle several problems affecting the country. Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, the Ghana Police Service’s Inspector General, has expressed anticipation that biometric technology will greatly improve the country’s level of police in ghana.

According to reports, Ghana’s relatively contentious SIM registration method has decreased the country’s overall fraudulent activity. This is true even if the procedure itself has been somewhat controversial. People have claimed that the problem in enrolling for SIM cards is due to the sluggish issuance of Ghana Cards. However, it has also been declared that the Ghana Card is the only identification recognized for voter registration.

Advantages of using biometrics for law enforcement

Biometric devices are electronic gadgets that identify people based on their physical characteristics. Law enforcement agencies frequently utilize these devices to rapidly and correctly identify persons in the field. For example, fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, and face recognition software are common biometric technologies utilized by police. These gadgets can help identify suspects, witnesses, and victims in various situations, such as investigations, traffic stops, and arrests. The following are some benefits of employing biometrics in law enforcement:

Accuracy: Generally, biometric identification is more accurate than other techniques, such as using a person’s name or other identifying information. This can limit the possibility of misidentification and guarantee that the correct individual is targeted in an investigation or arrest.

Speed: Biometric identification is fast and useful in emergencies or when time is important.

Convenience: Biometric devices are portable and simple, allowing them to be employed in the field without special training or equipment.

Tamper-resistant: Biometric identification is difficult to forge or alter, which can aid in the prevention of identity fraud and other crimes.

Reducing reliance on subjective identification: Since biometric identification is based on objective, physical qualities rather than subjective judgments or descriptions, it can help eliminate the likelihood of discrimination or bias.

Biometric Solutions by M2SYS

A biometric solution developed by M2SYS , a global provider of biometric technology, has been employed by several law enforcement agencies worldwide for the past 20 years. Biometric turnkey solution and M2-EasyScan Pro fingerprint scanners are widely used in law enforcement. To learn more about the solution or the device, please contact us. 

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