Earth Day is a Good Reminder How Using Biometrics Can Help Save The Environment

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Today is April 22nd, widely known across the globe as Earth Day.  There are many things that each of us can do to help lower our carbon footprint and create a more sustainable planet.  Things like turning off lights when not in use, taking public transportation, eating foods and vegetables that are locally grown and recycling are common actions that have an immediate positive impact on our environment.

Earth Day

Responsibility for the welfare of our planet does not solely rest on individuals however and often times we relate “green” initiatives as what we can personally do to save energy and natural resources.  What often goes unnoticed is the large and impactful role that businesses can have in their policies and actions which can help demonstrate a commitment to environmental protection and just how little they actually do to help chip in on the effort.

Take membership cards for fitness clubs as an example.  Did you ever stop and think how much plastic, paper, ink, and energy is consumed by producing member ID badges for membership management organizations with thousands of patrons?  Not to mention the fact that beyond the initial production of the ID badges, there are replacements that have to be made for members who lose them or if they become damaged.  What if a fitness center or club was able to discontinue using ID badges altogether for identification and access control and instead rely on a technology that guarantees an even higher level of security that would eliminate the resources consumed and problems caused by plastic ID cards?


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Enter: biometrics.  Biometric technology eliminates the need for plastic ID cards and offers an affordable, secure alternative that reduces fraud, streamlines employee processes, creates efficiencies and improves customer service.  Often times we don’t connect the dots that modern biometric identification technology offers many advantages to more traditional individual identification alternatives like barcodes, PIN’s and passwords, but it also helps protect the environment.  Now, close your eyes and imagine a world without plastic credit cards, reward cards, library cards, health insurance cards, etc… — that is a heckuva impact on the environment.

What are some other traditional identification techniques that biometrics can replace to help save the environment?  Are you convinced that adopting biometric technology is a smart way to help protect the environment?

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