Facial recognition Technology to Deploy in Chinese airports

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China is one of the leading technology-based countries in the world. They are the top producer of technology-based products and top adopter of technology too at the same time.

Biometric technology is already becoming a common utility in China. The Chinese police department adopts facial Recognition based biometric smart glasses in Zhengzhou, biometric surveillance system in Xinjiang, the Chinese government update the pension distribution system just to name a few.

Recently, Chinese airports start utilizing facial recognition system to make the process faster and convenient to the travelers. It will also increase the security measures in the airports.

This technology has arrived in 62 airports including Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. It will be implemented in 557 security channels among these airports. Chinese Academy of Sciences is involved with the development team of this massive biometric deployment.



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The facial recognition technology has already proved its necessity and effectiveness while it’s being used by 80% of the airports that manages about 30 million passengers annually.

Shi Yu, the head of the institute’s smart security center, commented that,

“It takes less than one second for the system to match a passenger’s face with their ID photo while checking the validity of the credentials,”

She also expressed that the institute is continuously upgrading the biometric technology to make airport check-in system automatic. The traditional airport check-in system takes a huge amount of time and quite inconvenient in this era.

With the advent of face recognition technology, travelers can save their precious times by avoiding check-in formalities. They can directly go through the security channels where cameras will capture the image of their face and scan the ID cards or passports to verify them.

The upgraded technology will be implemented in an airport in Changsha of Hunan Province in May. Then, it will be applied at Yulin Airport of Shaanxi Province in June. Following them, the facial recognition technology will be implemented throughout China.

Source: en.people.cn

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