Answers to Our Facebook Quiz on Biometrics in Workforce Management with Answers & Explanations

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Quiz on biometric workforce management
Biometric technology in workforce management quiz on Facebook

We have launched our first Facebook quiz on the use of biometrics for employee time and attendance workforce management. If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, please visit here to take the quiz and then you can come back here to find the correct answers with explanations.

After we launched our 2nd biometric quiz on Facebook, we had several requests to launch another quiz specifically about the use of biometric technology in workforce management leading to our decision to design and launch a new one! One of the ideas behind the quiz is to test your knowledge of biometric technology in workforce management while educating you on certain aspects of the technology at the same time. Any suggestions, feedback or future quiz ideas are always welcome. Leave us a note in the comments section of this post with your ideas!

Listed below is the list of all quiz answers with detailed explanations:

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  1. Which is the most effective technology for preventing employee buddy punching?

Answer – A. Biometrics

Biometric technology is the only employee time and attendance workforce management technology that guarantees prevention of buddy punching because an employee can only clock in if they are physically present. No other system mentioned can guarantee 100% authentication because they provide the opportunity for one employee to punch in for another.

  1. Which of the following is an expected outcome when using biometrics for employee time and attendance?

Answer – C. Time theft elimination

Affordable Biometric Time Clock SoftwareBiometric time and attendance technology eliminates time theft because employees act as their own authentication credential (i.e. -it is mandatory for employees to provide their biometric credentials every time they clock in and out; resulting in complete elimination of time theft).

  1. Which of the following biometric hardware modalities is the most effective choice for biometric time and attendance in challenging environments?

Answer – A. Finger vein technology in a mining facility

Finger vein biometrics in a mining facility is the most effective choice of a biometric modality because factors such as a dusty environment or greasy fingerprints (which are both highly likely in a mining facility) does not affect accurate scanning of the veins which are located below the skin surface.

  1. The use of biometric technology for workforce management increases which of the following:

Answer – B. Employee productivity

Implementation of biometric technology for employee time and attendance can completely eliminate buddy punching and employee time theft, two conditions that can negatively affect productivity. When employees are utilizing 100% of their workhour, productivity is bound to increase.

  1. Which of the following technologies can increase employee accountability?

Answer – C. Biometric time and attendance

With a biometric time and attendance system in place, employees do not have the ability to commit time theft and are held accountable for their time, which cannot be achieved with the other options listed.

  1. Biometric time and attendance increases return on investment (ROI) by:

Answer – B. Decreasing payroll error rates

Minimizing payroll error rates means a company does not have to pay undue salary to employees due to errors in manual payroll or using ID cards or other technologies that can be easily manipulated to commit time theft.

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  1. What does “buddy punching” mean?

Answer – B. One employee punching in for another

When a company does not use biometrics for time and attendance, one employee can easily punch in for another using their employee ID card or a personal identification number (PIN). Helping another employee by clocking in for them is illegal and commonly known as “buddy punching”.

  1. The RightPunch™ Biometric Time Clock can be integrated with the following workforce management platforms:

Answer – E. Kronos, ADP, Infinisource & Empower

The RightPunch™ PC based biometric time clock can be easily integrated with all the major workforce management solutions out there including Kronos, ADP, Infinisource, and Empower.

  1. The RightPunch™ Biometric Time Clock supports which of the following biometric modalities:

Answer – E. All of them

The RightPunch™ biometric time clock supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, and iris recognition including the ability to use multiple modalities at the same time. Depending on your deployment size and environment, you can choose the most effective biometric modality/modalities for your time clock.

  1. The RightPunch™ Biometric Time Clock is:

Answer – A. PC-based

RightPunch™ is a PC based biometric time clock, which makes it very easy to integrate with a company’s existing workforce management solution, requiring no expenses other than licensing or additional hardware.

Hopefully the quiz served its purpose; to educate you about the factors of biometric technology in workforce management. How did you do? Please leave us a comment on your score below and share your quiz results on Facebook.

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