The Impact Of Biometric Technology On Accurate Patient Identification In Health Care

What’s Often Missing From The Health Care Debate

Flip on the TV set, turn on the radio or surf the Internet these days and it’s hard to not hear someone talking about or people debating the topic of rising health care costs in America.  Just this past spring, Congress passed a historic health care bill that promises sweeping changes in the industry to help drive down costs and make health care more accessible and affordable to people that live in this country.  For all of the talk about medical malpractice and practicing more efficient care, overhauling Medicare reimbursements, the effect of pre-existing conditions on the newly insured, the inability of insurance companies to cap lifetime benefits and many other topics, there is inadequate coverage of another very important topic that contributes to the rise of health care costs in this country – patient misidentification and health care identity fraud.

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