M2SYS Healthcare Solutions and Just Associates Hosting Webinar on Patient Identification

M2SYS Healthcare Solutions is offering a free webinar on patient identification in healthcare

M2SYS Healthcare Solutions and Just Associates offer a free webinar on “Adopting Patient Identification Matching Strategies Across the Enterprise” on April 24th at 11am EDT.

Navigating the patient identification highway in healthcare has never been more complex or more important for the industry. Widely regarded as a critical portal for successful implementation and use of additional health IT tools and platforms, the conundrum of how to achieve accurate patient identification has received renewed attention with the ONC releasing a research report encapsulating recent conclusions from meetings that include stakeholders from all aspects of healthcare. What’s clear is that the industry is at a crossroads.

Hampered by the inability of patient matching technologies to be successfully implemented across the enterprise and searching for answers on how to resolve the serious impediment issue to exchanging health information, the industry is hungry for direction. Additional pressures of the rise in medical identity theft and healthcare fraud along with the ever present need to implement stricter controls to improve patient safety have elevated patient matching to the forefront of issues that can be and must be resolved.

In the spirit of understanding more about the precarious and complex situation that healthcare faces in adopting stricter patient identification and medical data integrity platforms, we are teaming up with Beth Just from Just Associates – an expert in Master Patient Index (MPI) and Enterprise EMPI database knowledge and Health Information Management (HIM) expertise – to offer a free webinar on strategies to adopt patient identification solutions across the enterprise.

The free webinar will be held on Thursday April the 24th from 11am – 12pm EDT. To sign up, please visit this Registration Web Link: https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/356073831 for more details on the webinar and the topics we will cover.

Please share this invitation with a friend or colleague! Hope to see you next week!

Free Webinar – How to use Palm Vein Biometrics to Strengthen PCI and Workforce Management Compliance

Free webinar on using palm vein biometrics to strengthen PCI and workforce management complianceM2SYS and Fujitsu will be offering a free webinar on August 30th from 2:00 to 2:30pm EST, 11:00 to 11:30pm PST on how palm vein technology can help to strengthen workforce management and PCI compliance.  The webinar will cover how using biometric palm vein technology to strengthen compliance can: help replace passwords with a palm scan, increase record storage security, establish significant cost savings, stop employee buddy punching, improve productivity, create a concrete audit trail, reduce payroll errors and strengthen labor law adherence.

The webinar is geared towards retail compliance officers and human resources/workforce management professionals but is applicable to anyone who would like further education on how vascular biometrics can help to strengthen compliance, lower costs and increase productivity.  For more information and to reserve your spot for this 30 minute webinar please click here.