Supercharge Your UKG/Kronos Timekeeping System With CloudApper

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Most organizations need to rely on efficient and accurate timekeeping systems to track employee hours accurately, streamline payroll processes, and ensure compliance with labor regulations.  UKG (formerly Kronos) has been providing robust timekeeping systems that offer various features for years now. Some organizations, on the other hand, may require additional functionalities or customizations to meet their specific needs. With CloudApper AI, unique customizations for supercharging UKG/Kronos time capture systems are not only possible but also easy. CloudApper AI offers a powerful solution to supercharge and complement existing UKG/Kronos time capture solutions. With CloudApper AI, an organization can enhance its UKG/Kronos timekeeping system and add a range of advanced functionalities to streamline its operations, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve compliance – let’s see how.

How CloudApper AI Can Supercharge Your UKG/Kronos Timekeeping System

Utilizing Any Android Tablet or iPad

When it comes to your UKG/Kronos time capture system, CloudApper AI can help you use cost-effective solutions. With CloudApper’s custom employee time capture solution for UKG, organizations can use any Android or iOS device for capturing time punches. This flexibility allows organizations to leverage existing or inexpensive smartphones and tablets, eliminating device dependencies. Moreover, employees can also punch in and out using their personal devices, if needed – reducing costs and improving convenience.

Ensuring Employee Tip Recordkeeping

For organizations in industries where tips are a significant aspect of employee compensation, CloudApper AI can also ensure proper employee tip recordkeeping for UKG. The solution asks employees whether they receive tips when they clock out. If the answer is yes, employees can easily input the amount of tip they received for the day – recording it within the system (which is sent to UKG seamlessly). CloudApper helps ensure accurate employee tip recordkeeping, simplifies compliance with tip reporting requirements, enhances employee and employer transparency, and reduces fraudulent activities.

CloudApper Solution Community for UKG

We empower users to customize ukg solutions

When features are needed to enhance UKG solutions, CloudApper is here to help. It’s a non-technical toolkit for customizing UKG – easily build anything you want, share it with the community, and help everyone thrive.

Capture time
with QR codes

Capture time
with biometrics

employee tasks

custom reports

employee tasks

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Send personalized

Capture time
with geofencing

Build custom

time with NFC

Capture Job transfer
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Manage HIPAA

Adding Offline Punch Capture Capability

One of the most common requests of UKG customers is capturing employee punches offline. Many organizations have field workers operating outside of the premises where internet connectivity can be shoddy – something that makes collecting field workers’ punches quite a challenge. CloudApper AI provides offline punch capture capability compatible with any UKG/Kronos timekeeping system – allowing employees to record their time punches even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. This functionality ensures uninterrupted timekeeping and prevents data loss during network outages or remote work scenarios. Once the internet connection is restored, CloudApper AI automatically sends the data to UKG – making the offline punch capture process easy and convenient.

Capturing Employee Punches in Bulk

CloudApper AI also enables organizations to capture bulk employee punches for UKG. There are many organizations where workers are assigned on the field, and getting all of them to punch in and out can take a lot of time. Instead of individual punches, supervisors or administrators can capture punches for groups of employees simultaneously. This is ideal for organizations using Kronos/UKG time capture solutions with large teams or those requiring quick and efficient time data entry for multiple employees at once – reducing administrative burden and saving time.

Adding Attestations via Custom Fields

CloudApper AI allows organizations to add custom fields and attestations to the timekeeping system. With custom fields, organizations can capture additional employee data relevant to their specific requirements. The Attestations feature enables the inclusion of compliance acknowledgments or health screenings during the time punch process. This customization enhances data accuracy, ensures regulatory compliance, provides crucial reminders to employees, and supports industry-specific needs. For instance, organizations can ask employees how long they worked, whether they took ample breaks, whether they had lunch, and so on.

CloudApper Also Adds Custom Functionalities to UKG/Kronos Timekeeping Systems

CloudApper AI goes beyond these specific functionalities by offering customization options tailored to each UKG/Kronos customer’s requirements. UKG users can collaborate with CloudApper’s experts to add any kind of customization they need, such as additional features, reporting capabilities, or integrations with other systems. This flexibility ensures that the timekeeping system is aligned with the organization’s unique workflows, processes, and compliance requirements.

CloudApper’s ability to supercharge and complement existing UKG/Kronos timekeeping systems also eliminates costly hardware investments by utilizing inexpensive Android or iOS devices while providing advanced functionalities. CloudApper AI offers a cost-effective solution for organizations wanting to take their UKG timekeeping system to the next level and meet their workflows reliably and easily.

Supercharge your UKG/Kronos Timekeeping System Now

CloudApper’s AI-powered software presents a tried and tested solution to supercharge and complement existing UKG/Kronos timekeeping systems. By removing hardware dependency, streamlining tip recordkeeping, providing offline punch capture, enabling bulk punch entry, adding attestations, and offering customization options, CloudApper AI empowers organizations to elevate their timekeeping capabilities. Organizations can seamlessly enhance their UKG/Kronos timekeeping system to meet unique requirements, boost efficiency, and ensure compliance without breaking the bank.

Need a different customization to your existing UKG/Kronos timekeeping system? Contact us today and learn how CloudApper AI can help you streamline employee time capture processes.

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We empower users to customize UKG solutions

When features are needed to enhance UKG solutions, CloudApper is here to help. It’s a non-technical toolkit for customizing UKG – easily build anything you want, share it with the community, and help everyone thrive.

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