RightPunch with Kronos Transforms the Performance of Millennials

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RightPunch is a desktop and smartphone-based time clock that transforms the performance of millennials. When the industry experts are focusing on the performance of generation Z, M2SYS technology partnering with Kronos Incorporated introduced this economic biometric time clock for Kronos users which helps to increase employee productivity that directly boosts the performance of Generation Y or Millennials.


Who are Millennials?

Generation Y or Millennials are known as Digital Natives, those born between the early 1980s to early 1990s. The specific range may vary according to different factors considered but considering working capability experts defined the millennials who born between 1982 to 1994. Though they are called Digital Natives, they were not born into it. They migrated into it from an analog world. In their profession, they are in the mid-career stage, and they are not satisfied with the environment around them those formed by Generation X, they are ambitious and goal-oriented.

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Millennials in the Workplace

Eventually, Millennials will be the most efficient segment of the workforce. Unlike generation X, they are comfortable to work using technology. They are capable of working faster and harder but also labeled as being lazy, narcissistic, and spoiled. Time Magazine labeled them as the “me-me-me” generation in 2014.

So, where is the problem? Let’s draw a few lines considering the below factors:

  • They know how easily a job can be done
  • In most of the cases, they are supervised by Generation X
  • They are ambitious and goal-oriented
  • They do not believe in work harder but instead work smarter
  • They work under pressure, and most of them are in a mid-career crisis
  • They are technology freaks and don’t hesitate to use that for their comfort

Now if you draw a line, you should understand that they are not satisfied in their workplace due to the environment, work pressure, and they can easily bypass the things using technology.

Managing them is very simple, using the advancements of technology. If the millennials are provided technology to work in, they become happier, and they love to work. For example, millennials working in such an environment where their attendance, job description, targets, achievements, and KPIs are recorded in a system are more satisfied and productive than the others who work in a manual environment.



Affordable Biometric Time Clock for Kronos

Key Features:

· Eliminate time theft | Reduce payroll expenses

· Increase accountability and boost productivity

· More affordable than time clocks

· Prevent buddy punching | Lower compliance risk

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How RightPunch Transforms the Performance of Millennials

RightPunch is the perfect app to transform the performance of millennials who works using the Kronos workforce management system. It is a biometric time clock that captures exact check-in/ out of an employee. It raises accountability among the employees and almost impossible to tamper. Followings are the reasons behind:

  • It uses biometrics of employees to identify them
  • As the biometrics is not transferrable/ sharable, it captures the exact time
  • It eliminates time theft and prevents buddy punching
  • RightPunch biometric time clock reduces the payroll errors
  • It helps to reduce compliance risks
  • It raises the accountability of employees

We should welcome the next generation, that means Generation Z. However, the experience of Millennials is most important to guide them. It’s wise to transform their performance rather than overlooking their capabilities and expecting more from the next generation. A perfect combination always provides the best outcome as RightPunch does with Kronos.



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We empower users to customize UKG solutions

When features are needed to enhance UKG solutions, CloudApper is here to help. It’s a non-technical toolkit for customizing UKG – easily build anything you want, share it with the community, and help everyone thrive.

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