Top 5 Time Management Tips for Remote Employees

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As 52% of the global workforce is now working remotely at least once every week, it’s becoming clearer that the concept of working from home has crossed the barrier of the “experimental work model” and is now a permanent workable option. As a remote employee, you need to understand what sort of efforts you need to take to make it work. At home without the supervision of your manager, you are all by yourself to design a structure and your own time management for completing the tasks to meet deadlines. These are the top 5 remote time management tips for managing your work at home:


1.  Track how you spend your time

Tracking your time will help you to understand how much time it takes to complete different tasks, and it will help you to arrange the time for different pieces of works within a day or week or longer time frame. This is necessary to create an effective schedule of work and to understand what you have achieved according to your plan. 

2.  Maintain a common routine for daily work

Although 40% of working people find it beneficial to work with a flexible schedule, you still need to maintain some form of routine to secure the most benefits from your work hours. Fix a range of hours for work and reserve time for communication with colleagues so that they know when to contact you for information exchange. 



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You can maintain the routine with three tactics. First, narrate down what has to be done within the week and make a list of tasks that you will need to complete to make it happen. Secondly, find an environment that will suit your tasks and help you to work without distraction. And thirdly, always start your day with the toughest or most complicated task so that you can utilize your fresh mind to focus on the most challenging task for the day. These strategies will help you to manage your daily routine.

3.  Allocate a fixed hour for each task

Distributing a fixed time for each task is an effective method for completing work on a given day. It ensures that you have given the right proportion of effort to different tasks in relation to the tasks’ value. Effective time management helps you to focus on the more complicated work at the start of the day or during your most productive work hours.  

4.  Keep in touch with your remote team

While remote work gives you the opportunity to focus on your work, you also need to keep an eye on team events and commitments so that no unexpected events or plans affect your work schedule. 

To ensure that you don’t miss any group discussion, check the next day’s meeting schedule before logging out. You can also use an online calendar to record the time for meetings. This will help you to keep in touch with your remote team regardless of your busy schedule.

5.  Shuffle your workplace

Try to change your workplace from time to time. Move your work table or desk to a different location of your house and keep it clear of distractions. Do this multiple times until you find the sweet spot. This will give you a fresh vibe and help you to remain energetic at work.



Time tracking is the key to ensure your time both personal and work time is well spent. With CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software, you can monitor your productivity and receive insights while ensuring a healthy workflow. It will also help you to understand if your work time is well spent when you can see the tasks that have taken most of your time. So if you want to ensure that your work schedules are on the right track and you are not wasting your time, use remote employee monitoring software and improve your time management while working remotely. 

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