Biometrics Reduce Paper Waste

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reduce-paper-wasteConsider A Cross-Country Wall of Paper

Did you ever think about where that timesheet goes after you put it the shredder? How about the piece of paper you printed to make a one-time check in document? According to the University of Colorado, each year Americans waste enough paper to build a 12-foot tall wall of paper from New York to California.  Rather than add to the problem, let’s begin to tear down this wall by using as many paperless methods as possible.

One way to reduce in-office waste would be to switch from outdated pen and paper techniques to a seamless time and attendance method such as biometric based time clock software. This solution works by identifying employees using biometric processes such as fingerprint, finger vein, and iris identification.

Biometrics Help Reduce 12.1 Trillion Sheets of Paper

Users simply enroll once, and can be identified in a matter of seconds. Information such as a picture, profile data, and vacation requests can be instantly retrieved using this secure method of authentication.

Employees can rest assured that their data is safe, because once scanned the software extracts unique data points that are converted to a one-way algorithm. An actual copy of the biometric data is never stored, nor could ever be retrieved from the system. Data is 100% encrypted from enrollment to identification.

The leader in biometric workforce management solutions is M2SYS Technology, an award winning biometrics research and development company. M2SYS has tens of thousands of end users in over 90 countries worldwide.

With the leading number of workforce management software integrators in the industry, M2SY S can help match you with a unique biometric identification method that will accurately secure and centralize your information while reducing the 12.1 trillion sheets of paper US offices create per year.

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John Trader

John Trader is the Public Relations and Marketing Manager with M2SYS Technology, a recognized industry leader in biometric identity management technology. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA M2SYS Technology's mission is to pioneer the high-tech industry by delivering long-term value to customers, employees and partners through continued innovation and excellence in all aspects of our business. M2SYS continues to innovate, build and bring to market leading-edge biometrics solutions that revolutionize the industry and expand the applicability of biometrics technology in our marketplace. You can view their Web site at or contact them via e-mail at

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