The Different Ways Your Staff May Be Stealing Time and What You Can Do About It

stop employee time theft with biometric identification

Biometric identification has proven to help stop employee time theft and increase profits.

Time theft can occur in your business when you pay an employee(s) for work they either have not done, or you pay them for time when they were not on the premises. With the growing remote and mobile workforce, time theft has become a much bigger issue for employers. In fact, it has become so big, millions of dollars are being lost every year in productivity. Some other businesses are using factoring invoice companies to pay employees who have cheated the system. This puts a dent in cash flow by paying for work that was not completed.

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Biometrics for Workforce Management Get Employees Back to Work Faster and For Longer Periods of Time

using biometrics to track employee time and attendance saves resources

The use of biometrics to track employee time and attendance is known to save money and resources and raise employee productivity and accountability.

The following guest post was submitted by Total Fitouts, – a total fitout solution for every type of fitout across any industry – from medical, professional suites, offices, retail outlets and more.

Whether you are a manager who is looking to boost productivity or you are simply a small business owner who wants to make sure that they stay in the black, you will find that one area that is surprisingly hard to control is employee presence! It sounds like a no-brainer. If someone is not working, you fire them. The truth of the matter, however, is that there is a lot of leeway in your attendance system, and that is where a biometric attendance system comes in handy!

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