Videos On Biometrics

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M2SYS Technology, a global leader in biometric identification provides technology that makes biometric software affordable, simple to integrate, and inexpensive to support, while enabling customers to easily utilize the right form of biometric technology for their needs.

M2SYS video channel combines general educational videos on biometrics, biometric hardware modality training, end user deployments, and healthcare solutions

M2-S1 Swipe Fingerprint Reader | Fingerprint Scanner
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Dry, damaged, or scarred fingerprints can cause problems with some optical or capacitance fingerprint scanners. Problematic fingers can lead to poor quality images, which limits the ability of the fingerprint software to accurately and reliably perform a fingerprint comparison.

The M2-S1 fingerprint reader ( ) utilizes best-of-breed radio frequency swipe sensor technology and enhanced imaging to capture even the most difficult to read fingerprints.